Word Flow Charts

These are a flow chart type layout of all the scriptures where a specific word appears. They may be hard to use online, you may have to print them out. When you print them out, make sure on the print screen you pick 2 pages per sheet (saves lots of paper).

Here are some notes about them.

  • The little boxes with numbers next to the scripture indicate which of the definitions in the Word/Defintion box (at the very top) is being used in that scripture.
  • The boxes with words in them to the right of the scripture are other words referenced in that scripture and the numbers corresponded with there meaning. If there are more than one number in the little box, it means there is more than one meaning used throughout the verse. The numbers will go in the order of the translated words. Eventually I will have a sheet for each of those words.
  • There are other boxes on the right that have various notes, definitions, and misc information that may help in interpreting the scripture verse(s).
  • The scriptures are in order as they would appear in the Bible. Although Mat, Mark, Luke, John repeat events, the scriptures are not repeated. That is what the little upside down triangles on the left hand side represent.
  • Remember, you may know of other scriptures that you THINK one of these words is in, but if it isn’t here, it isn’t the same word. For example, the ‘pray’ document does not contain every single verse where a word is translated as the word pray. It only contains all the words where the original Greek work was proseuchomal. The strangest is the Upon document because the word ‘epi’ is translated in our English version as: on, upon, as, of, in, over … So in our English version, you may find many more verses that have the word “upon” in them but it is not the same word as ‘epi.’ Also, you will find that some of the verses listed here you can not find the word upon in it at all, it’s because the word was translated as one of the other words instead of upon. That is why I tried to BOLD the translated version of the words.   (NOTE: Let me know if you are looking at one of the scriptures under a word that is not bolded. I know I messed this up on a few, like the word might be UPON, but the word PRAY is bolded. Let me know if you see that.)

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