A Mother’s Thoughts – Day 8

Jesus was circumcised today. I’ve been to many Circumcision Rituals before, but today, well, today was a hard one as no mother wants to hear her child in pain. But it is something that needs to be done. Something we very much wanted to do. It is an honor to obey our God. I will never forget this day. Jesus was welcomed by everyone as they said, “Blessed be he that comes”. The Sephardim sang a piyyut. I brought him to his godmother who handed him over at the door of the room to his godfather who, gave him to the mohel. … Continue reading A Mother’s Thoughts – Day 8

A Mother’s Thoughts – Day 7

I’ve been so busy with our new baby and getting ready for tomorrow that I haven’t had time to write. I am so excited and nervous about tomorrow. Tomorrow He will be circumcised according to the Law of Moses (Exodus 13:2, 22:29 and Leviticus 12).  Eight days old, hard to believe it’s been a week since I gave birth. I am so nervous. I am sure that this circumcision is a painful thing for a baby boy. My heart aches for Him and what he will go through tomorrow. But it is something we must do. God has commanded us and … Continue reading A Mother’s Thoughts – Day 7

A Mother’s Thoughts – Day 3

As I was playing him today, goo gooing and gah gahing, I thought back to when I first was told that I would be giving birth to him. The angel that visited me had told me that my relative Elizabeth had also conceived a son. I was floored!! Elizabeth was old and barren! And yet she was already six months pregnant. But I just had to see for myself and I head right off to Judah and my relatives Zachariah and Elizabeth. It was a little bit odd and yet awesome when I first arrived. As soon as Elizabeth’s baby … Continue reading A Mother’s Thoughts – Day 3

A Mother’s Thoughts – Day 2

As I nursed him tonight, I am considering some of the things I learned at Temple when I was younger about the Messiah that was to come. I thought of the reading from what the prophet Isaiah declared (Isaiah 7:13-14), saying the Lord Himself will give a sign, and that sign would be a virgin being with child, bearing a son … it hit me that I am that virgin! Me … it’s unbelievable to me. I know it will be hard for those around me to believe that I was a virgin … well, I still AM a virgin. … Continue reading A Mother’s Thoughts – Day 2

A Mother’s Thoughts – Day 1

Four days of travel, 9 months pregnant, I would not recommend to anyone. But I guess Caesar Augustus would have no idea what that would be like now would he! Yet we reached Bethlehem, safe and sound,  just to find that everyone else had gotten here before us. If you had seen Joseph’s face when I told him I was about to give birth, lol, priceless. He is such a good man, he looked around and didn’t know what to do. So many had gotten here before us that there wasn’t any room for us in main area of the guest … Continue reading A Mother’s Thoughts – Day 1