YAHWEH-SHALOM (God of Peace) – 2011

YAHWEH-SHALOM: יהוה שלום The Lord of Peace (Judges 6:24). Shalom is a derivative of shâlêm (which means “be complete” or “sound”) Shalom is translated as “peace” or “absence from strife.”

This February (2011), I had to make an important decision, whether to stay or go, stay with my husband, or leave him. Things at home were becoming more and more tumultuous and I no longer felt safe, especially for my son. It was difficult to leave for several reasons. I knew I would not be able to support my self as I was only receiving child support for my son from a previous marriage, and working on a temporary basis at my local church. I had no place to go and knew if I left, I would have to take what I wanted at that moment because I would probably be locked out. There was also the fact that I would have to admit defeat, as well as face embarrassment of another failed marriage.  We were leaders at our church and I knew that this would mean stepping down from several positions until things were sorted out. There was much weighing on my mind. I tried to stay, tried to work through it, tried to keep on keeping on, but one night, I was pretty much forced into making the move. It was not planned and was not pretty. Yet, I put one foot in front of the other and walked it out.

Truly, my plan was to move out so that we could work on restoration of our marriage, really, to recover our love for one another, but that is not at all how it went. But that is a story for another time. As a result of choosing to leave, I lost many things. I lost my marriage, friends, position, personal belongs, etc. The list is very long. Yet, through out it, I walked in peace. This peace did not come from me, nor anything that I did. This peace came from God alone. The fact was I had nothing, but the feeling was I had everything. The fact was, I was alone but the feeling was I was loved. The fact was, I had no tangible money, but I felt rich. I knew that no matter what, God had my back. I knew that he would hold me in his arms and care for me. So no matter what things looked like on the outside, I knew what I had on the inside, and it was more than what I needed.

I don’t know how people walk through this life without Him. I just don’t think I could do it. He has been so much to me throughout all of this, he has provided for me (JIREH), loved me (YAHWEH), guided me (ROHI), healed me (RAPHA), recompensed me (GMOLAH) but most of all, through His love, He has given me peace in the midst of a devastatingly destructive storm.

I’m so thankful for His peace, the peace that passes all understanding, the peace that only He alone can give. I am thankful for Jehovah-Shalom.


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