The Author

So let’s talk about the author side of me. You can see my website at Here’s what the cover of my book says about me:

Author, Marcie Lynn is involved in several ministry opportunities in her local church, but most passionate about singles seeking God’s will for their relationships. She is a single mom raising her two sons, Ryan and Joshua in the small town setting she knew as a child. She loves to read, is a student of the Word, and enjoys time with her sons. 30 Days—A Devotional for New Relationships is her most recent release.

I am available for speaking engagements and book signing. I am also willing to share with Pastors what I will be speaking on prior to booking. At this time, there is no charge for a church local to me and if you are a church organization, I will donate $1.00 of every book sold at the event back to the church.

I have a page on facebook, there’s a link to it on the side bar over there >>>, hope you will become a fan.


2 thoughts on “The Author

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