YAHWEH-ROHI (God our Shepherd) – 2003

YAHWEH-ROHI: “The Lord Our Shepherd” Psa. 23, from “ro’eh” (to pasture).

If you didn’t already know, I have a book published. You can check it out at http://30days.info. There’s a testimony in getting that book published.

I was on the “Internet dating scene” for awhile. I found out quickly that there are a standard set of questions that everyone asks when you first start talking to them. I was determined that I would have a real Christian husband, not a person who said they were Christian, one who lived it. So I went looking for a devotional to use. I didn’t find one. Most of them were for people who had known each other for a long time. So I thought, we’ll, I’ll write one. Then I was thinking, how in the world am I going to relate these questions to something in scripture?! So I asked the Lord for guidance, and boy did he give it. I used e-sword (If you don’t have, get it, it’s awesome and free. You can get it here.), I looked up some of the words in the questions and it just flowed. It was an awesome experience, I’ve had many of them, but they never cease to boggle my mind. I was able to connect them all to scripture in one night.The next day I was able to write a devotion for each one.

I gave copies to a few of my friends on Christian Mingle (the Christian dating service I was on) and asked them to give their input and try it out. It was a hit! I thought about publishing it, but honestly, it was kind of one of those things where you think about doing it, but not really realizing it as something real. I did a little searching on the net and came across Tate Publishing. I submitted it and didn’t think much more about it.

I don’t remember how long it was before they contacted me and they told me they wanted to publish my book. I was stunned! They told me they were very interested in it and they had talked about it and had a series already planned if I wanted to do it. They sent me the paper work and I found out it would cost me $4,000 to publish it. I was a single mom, with 2 kids. God had blessed me financially time and time again. Still, I wasn’t sure I could just throw $4,000 out there to publish a book. But one lady from my church said to me, “Marcie, if you could pay $4,000 to touch one person for Christ, would you do it?” Wow, talk about putting it in perspective!

So I prayed, “Lord, if you are the one that wants this book published, and you want to use it, and it isn’t something that I want, then give me the $4,000 to publish it with.”

When I took my taxes to be done that year, I was shocked at the amount of money I was to get back. It was $3,000 and some change. It wasn’t the $4,000, but I put it aside and thought, “When it adds up to $4,000, I’ll publish”.

Now, I am not one that goes nuts over chocolate. I don’t like chocolate cake, frosting, nor much of anything else chocolate. I like a candy bar once in a while. But one night, I had this extreme craving for chocolate. I had never had, nor ever have had, a craving like this. I was looking all through my house. Sometimes, I would put M&Ms or Rollos in my freezer, I like them cold. So I went looking in the freezer, hoping to find one that had fell out of the bag. Well, guess what I found. An envelope with money in it. I had forgot all about it. It was the money that was left over from the sale of my tractor minus some monies I had used to fix up somethings in the house. I had put it in there for safe keeping, something I had never done before either. lol Apparently, I had forgotten all about it. Guess what … the amount in the envelop, plus the amount of the tax return, equalled $4,000!

I published my book and God has been faithful to let me know of some of the blessings it has given others. He has showed me that it has touched more than just one person’s life. He has also showed me that what my small mind can fathom is nothing compared to what he can do with something. The book has been used as a youth group curriculum, by a couple married 40+ years, by friends, and by individuals. Each getting their own blessings from it, just where they were. He has shown me that the title was right, “30 Days: A Devotional for New Relationships,” but my concept was small. His vision was that it would help the individual develop a new relationship with with themselves, helps develop a new relationship with someone else, and most importantly helps build a new relationship with God. So, it really is for “New Relationships.”

Thank you Lord … He guided me like a Shepherd through the writing, the financing, and the use of the book.


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