When we take a look deeper into the Bible

31 Days of Praise – Day 12 – 19

As I read through several days and pages, I saw many things I would love to blog about. But instead, I think I’ll just grab a quote or two from each page. Why? Because I saw a theme, a theme we all need to hear as our lives, and even our nation, turns a corner. Let’s see if you see the theme. So here you go, quotes from several different days.

Now, Father, I bow before You as the Judge to whom I am accountable as the final Authority, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of all the earth … and I thank You, I praise You that You have said – and Your Word cannot be broken – “No condemnation now hangs over the head of those who are in Christ Jesus. The Judge Himself has declared us free from sin.”

Your Spirit enables me more and more to live in the light of my new identity in You. Thank You that He is using Your Word to deliver me from the viewpoints and values of the world, the flesh, and the devil … and He is renewing my mind to see things from Your point of view, so that I can walk in newness of life.

Thank You, too, for the Holy Spirit – the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and strength. I praise You that He is in me to enlighten me through Your Word, to flush away my anxieties and fears, my resentments and hostilities, my guilt and regrets, as water flushes away dirt and trash … to keep me filled with Himself and to flood my heart with Your love.

You are my blessed home, “where I can enter and be at rest even when all around and above is a sea of trouble” (Andrew Murray).

I thank You for each disturbing or humbling situation in my life, for each breaking or cleansing process You are allowing, for each problem or hindrance, for each thing that triggers in me anxiety or anger or pain.

I thank You for the bitter things
They’ve been a friend to grace,
They’ve driven me from the paths of ease
To storm the secret place
– Florence White Willett

I thank You for the friends who’ve failed
To meet my soul’s deep need;
They’ve driven me to the Savior’s feet
Upon His love to feed.

I’m grateful too, through all life’s way
No one could satisfy,
And so I’ve found in You alone
My rich, my full supply!
– Florence White Willett

We love because He first love us. 1 John 4:19


– Excerpts from 31 Days of Praise by Ruth Myers


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