Pick a Testimony …

I have so many testimonies of how God has been faithful to me, so I decided to write some of them down. I called this Pick a Testimony because if you need encouragement, inspiration, or something to get you through what you are going through, you can pick the testimony that will help you at this time in your life.

1Co 2:1-5  And when _I_ came to you*, brothers [and sisters], I came not according to superiority of speech or of wisdom declaring to you* the testimony of God.  (2)  For I decided [or, determined] not to know any[thing] among you*, except Jesus Christ, and this One having been crucified!  (3)  And _I_ was with you* in weakness and in fear and in much trembling.  (4)  And my word [or, message] and my proclamation [were] not in persuasive words of human wisdom, _but_ in demonstration of [the] Spirit and of power,  (5)  so that your* faith should not be in [the] wisdom of people, _but_ in the power of God!

This is the purpose in recording these testimonies, that you will see the Spirit and the power of God so that your faith would be in that power and not in the power of man.

So I invite you to Pick a Testimony …

Jehovah-Ra-ah – My personal testimony (1983)

Yahweh-Shalom – God provides peace in the midst of a storm (2011)

Yahweh- Nissi – God provides Victory in Court (2005)

Yahweh-Jireh – God Provides a safe Vehicle for Marcie (2003)

Yahweh – Rohi – God Finances the Publishing of a Book (2003)


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