YAHWEH-JIREH (God Provides) – 2003

YAHWEH-JIREH: “The Lord will Provide.” Gen. 22:14. From “jireh” (“to see” or “to provide,” or to “foresee” as a prophet.) God always provides, adequate when the times come.

After my divorce, I had to put the home and property in my name, which meant in essense refinancing. I had a home equity loan and found out that I could refinance and get the value of the home, which was a little more than what I owed, and keep the same payment. So I did. Being a single mom, I knew I might need the money. Turned out that the van I was driving was starting to have some things go in it and I didn’t feel safe driving it anymore. So I went car shopping. I really couldn’t afford the vans that were out there, but I was determined to find one. I had two boys and I wanted to be able to take a couple of their friends with me if we went somewhere. I also didn’t want a car, I didn’t like riding that low to the ground. I really didn’t want a gas hog or large SUV, don’t like driving them huge things! So, that narrowed my choices quite a bit.

I was camping with my mom and dad and dad was telling I needed something a little more sporty than a van. I was like, “Dad, I don’t want one of those SUV, I’m not driving a little car, and they really don’t make sporty vans.” Then I said, “The only other thing I might consider is one of those Pontiac Azteks, but I’ve never driven one, so I’d have to do that before I could say that for sure. And besides, I know I can’t afford a new one and what are the odds on finding a used one?” This was in early 2003 and the car had just come in in 2001. I was doing a lot of camping with my parents and my kids. I just didn’t like sleeping in their barely 4 person camper with 5 of us. lol I thought it would be neat to have the Aztek because it had some kind of tent package on it. So I left the camping and headed home. I decided to stop and get gas on the way. I pulled into the gas station and it was a long wait, well, any wait is long at the gas pump. lol There were two cars in front of me. So I was just looking around and observing. There was a car lot across from the station, and there it was …. A black Pontiac Aztek, sitting right out front. I was like, NO WAY! Then reality set in, there has to be something wrong with it. I have to let you know by the way, that black is my favorite color 😀

After filling up I headed over to the dealership, which was closed. I looked over the car and it look good, of course it did, it was a 2002, practically new! I looked at the price, which was just out of my range, but you know how things work when buying a car. I wrote down the VIN and went home to check it out. I checked out the VIN and it was a clean car, nothing wrong with it as far as I could tell. I called up mom and dad and told them everything. Mom said, just call them in the morning and find out about it.

The next morning, I called the dealership. The salesman said there wasn’t anything wrong with the car, the only reason they had it was that one of their very good customers had bought it. She was about 5′ tall and didn’t like trying to get into the back end of it and washing it. He said that that price was pretty firm. And he said if you want to look at, I suggest you come over quickly because there had already been 3 people in looking at it. One had went home to discuss it with thier husband. One was in the parking lot right now, the daughter wanted it but couldn’t swing the financing of it and now the mother was considering buying it. So I called my mom up and off we went as quick as we could with a 7, 5, and 1 year old.

We got there and I found the saleman I had spoken to. He said I could take it for a drive. He also reiterated that the price was firm. I can’t remember exactly what the price was on it, but it was like 12K and some change. I told him I had 11,000 cash and the van I came in. He said he would see what could be done while I was driving it. I LOVE IT! Mom loved it! The boys loved it! I really wanted it. It had less than 6k miles on it! We get back and the guy says, ok, we can do it, 11K cash and your 1994 Plymouth Voyager with way too many miles on and a broken air conditioner! lol Thank you Jesus!

Not over yet. I actually had 11K plus some change. And guess what, that change, was just enough to get me the tent package! I have used that thing so many times. I love my car. And I know EXACTLY where that car came from … it was a gift from God!


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