Free2Live – Politically Correct

After some of the uneducated, agenda pushing, unthoughtful, unfactual comments following the shooting in California, I just can’t help it. Seriously. Are we really people who can be swayed by how someone chose to title themselves? So if I tell you I am a Republican or Democrat, and it matches up with what you are, will you blindly follow me? Really? Please, I hope you are smarter than that. I really hope that you don’t agree with everything I say just because of what group I choose to affiliate with. Read More here …. Please take time to subscribe to the other blog … Continue reading Free2Live – Politically Correct

Free2Live – Wise or Foolish

Yeah, this is a corny thing to talk about. But I heard someone say something similar to this today, and I couldn’t help think about how different people would react differently to this statement. How our reactions would say so much about ourselves. How we see ourselves. How we view other’s opinions. How we see the world around us. We are all Free2Live Wise or Foolish. Which will you be? Continue Reading … Continue reading Free2Live – Wise or Foolish

Free2Live -with Liberty and Justice for all

It’s so easy for us to have opinions about everything. And let’s be completely honest here, most of the time, we only know what we know and don’t care what we don’t. How many times have you shared something without checking the source, seeing whether it is true or false, or how old the post was? We don’t care what we don’t know. What we do know is we agree with whatever we are posting. Come on now, you know it’s true. Scroll down your facebook home page right now, it’s undeniable. And in countries like the US, we feel … Continue reading Free2Live -with Liberty and Justice for all

Moving …

Hello, It seems a new season is upon us. Even in my personal life there seems to be a new season. We just recently moved and things are so fresh and new. I look outside our window and see all the beautiful leaves and wild life. We just love it! I’ve decided to turn over a new leave here too. My blogging is moving too.  So if you are a follower, head on over to and subscribe there. If you are an email blogger, you can head there and sign up, or I will be sending out a subscription … Continue reading Moving …