YAHWEH-Nissi (God our Banner) – 2005

YAHWEH-NISSI: “The Lord Our Banner.” Ex. 17:15. God on the battlefield, from word which means “to glisten,” “to lift up,” See Psalm 4:6.

At the time of getting married,  I lived near Pittsburgh, PA, which is about 1:45-2:00 from Cleveland, OH, where my husband to be lived. I had two children who, at that time, were 11 and 13. Because they had visitation with their father, I had to petition the court to allow me to move with them to Cleveland, OH. The father has a chance to oppose the move. My lawyer at that time told me that it wouldn’t be an open and shut case. Many of the judges were for fathers and might deny my petition.

When a date was set for court and a judge assigned, it was going to be close. We had set a date for June to get married and the court date was set for just a few months before that. The judge assigned was known for his advocacy toward fathers. My lawyer said it was going to be a tough one.

The day of court came. If you’ve ever been to court, nothing happens like you think it will. There is a whole lot of sitting around, lawyers talking to clients, lawyers talking to lawyers, lawyers talking to judges, etc. The lawyers went in to talk to the judge first. They came out and talked to us. Apparently, this judge said that he would be inclined to grant this petition, unless there was some extenuating circumstances that he was unaware of. He traveled back and forth to Cleveland many times during the month and didn’t see a problem with visitation continuing after the move.

The father decided he wanted his day in court anyway. We had two full days of court. It was grueling but I just leaned on God and on my family and we got through it. The judge did allow the move and wrote a very lengthy docket which I won’t go into here. That docket recognized and said a lot of things that I had known and wanted to say but couldn’t. In addition, the events of this case were a witness to my lawyer as she was continually shocked at what God was doing. 

I could see the hand of God in all of it. The Lord was my Banner in this battlefield, and he provided a victory and a witness.


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