31 Days of Praise – Day 4

Nothing really jumped out at me as I read through this day’s praise. Not that it didn’t mean something, but just nothing settled in my spirit. But this morning on the drive into work, we heard the song by Mary Mary, Shackles (Praise You). My son and I were dancing in our seats, I’m sure it was an interesting sight to behold from those passing by. But as I was sing/shouting the lyrics, it dawned on me, this is what many of us say. Just in case you don’t know the song here is the chorus:

Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance
I just wanna praise You
What you wanna do? – spoken
I just wanna praise You
Yeah, yeah – spoken
You broke the chains now I can lift my hands
Fill me – spoken
And I’m gonna praise You
What you gonna do? – spoken
I’m gonna praise you

As I’m thinking about my 31 Days of Praise journey, I was thinking how we all just want the shackles off. And we bargain with God, if you do this, I will do that. But I think God wants us to get up and dance with the shackles still on. To raise our hands, when they are still bound. It’s the way it was done in the Bible, why do we think it would be different now. The praising can sometimes be the keys to our handcuffs. It’s the praising which can give us peace in the turmoil.

Don’t just sit there, waiting for your circumstances to change, just Praise Him!

*dances around the room praising Him!*

Watch the video. I think this is by the official artists, I apologize if it is not.


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