Wisely Choose

So this is a follow up to my last blog, Choose Wisely. This is for the rest of us that, well, we think we have it all together now. And for some of us that don’t but think everyone else should. lol Let’s start off with a little funny. Please, I am not knocking the education system, it just happens to on the cartoon. I don’t even know if Einstein even really said this. But I do find this funny as it would relate to every day life.


Ok, so let’s just say that in my last blog, I was talking about the fish. In this blog, I’m talking to you, the person telling the fish to climb a tree.

Ok Mr. Monkey, you got it all together. You can swing from vine to vine and you mock the fish because he can’t even climb the tree. Why? Why do you think it is so important for that fish to climb the tree? What would he have to gain from it? And how do you think your Monkey Mocking Mouth is going to help him achieve the goal of climbing the tree? Think about it for a few moments. Does this even make sense?

And you over there, Dr. Dog, you think you are better than the fish just because you have four legs, and yet, you are no better than the fish because you can’t climb the tree either. So you can get a little further up it, but you both end up splatting on the ground. Why do you think you are better? How do you think your barking at the fish all day long is going to help him achieve the goal of climbing the tree? Do you think your words are motivation? The sound of your bark bark bark is building him up? I think not.

And you over there, Sr Snake, slinking around in the corner with you snobby little stare. Sure you don’t say much, but sticking your tongue out at the fish is not making him feel any better about himself. What does it really matter to you if he is successful at climbing the tree or not? How does it really make you better than him?

We do this all the time. We look at someone and make judgements about them. We think we know what they should do, how they should do it, and even when. The truth is, we really don’t care much about them, we just care about our own agenda. Even if that agenda doesn’t make sense for their life.

As we think about what I wrote in the last blog, I made the point that we all have choices to make. And we can’t blame our parents, weather, or anything else for our actions. We need to own them. And we can overcome our past. But for those of us on this side of things, we do have to cut those people a little bit of slack. We need to encourage them to keep trying. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. Help them overcome obstacles. But we need to really think about who that person really is. If he is a fish, it makes no sense to try to get him to climb a tree.

It’s up to us to see the potential in these people. Recognize, hey, this guy is never going to climb a tree, but based on the shape of his body, the way he thinks, the way he is designed, I bet if we showed him some water, encouraged him to get in, he would thrive!

Take some time to really think about those lives you are speaking into. Sometimes we have to have some hard conversations with people. Tell them maybe trying to climb a tree really isn’t best for them. Help them see what else is available to them. Encourage them to try new things. Without condemning, condescending, mocking, nagging words and a  better than you stare. This is where we need to learn to wisely choose. Wisely choose how we speak into someone else’s life.

Maybe the best thing to do is meet God in some prayer time about these people. Ask God, what do you have for their life? Do you want them to climb a tree, burrow in the ground, or swim in the waters? After all, no one knows better than the Designer right? That fish, he could make Mr. Monkey, Dr. Dog, and Sr. Snake feel just as stupid if he challenged them to see who could hold their breath longer under the water now couldn’t he? Choose wisely. ;o)


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