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Choose Wisely

Awhile back, I shared a photo from a friends page which brought out some questions. So I thought I’d blog about what I think this means.


I think it’s a little uncomfortable to hear that you, and only you, are responsible for every choice you make. It means we can’t point fingers at anyone else. It means we can’t play the blame game. It means we have to step up and take responsibility. And those are mighty uncomfortable places to be put into.

I really believe that everything comes down to a choice, EVERYTHING. I can’t think of one exception. Maybe someone will be able to give me one, but at this point, I can’t come up with any. Let’s just go through what is in this picture.

Your parents … yep it’s always traced back to a ‘rent or two isn’t it? I do completely agree with generational curses as some might call them. Yes, I believe our parents play a significant role in shaping who we are, characteristics we carry throughout life, and how we handle things. Yes, I believe some of us get dealt a worse hand than others. Some of us have more to overcome than others. Some of us live a privileged, uncomplicated life. But I have also heard some of the most horrific stories of childhoods coming from people who have everything together in their present life. So what is the difference between two people, having the same childhood stories and the way they turn out? A choice.

Your past relationships … these things can scar people for life. Broken promises, broken trusts, broken hearts … broken everything. Past relationships carry with them lies and broken identities about who we are. Rejection, jealousy, envy, anger, self-protection, all strongholds we get from past relationships. Some of us close ourselves off and refuse to trust again, to love again, to try again. And some of us bounce right back and keep on trusting, loving, and trying. What is the difference between the two? A choice.

Your job/economy … These two things have stolen dreams, broken up marriages, and even taken lives. Stock markets crash, houses are lost, and people end up homeless. And yet, there are stories, stories of tragic endings because of depressions and hopelessness. Stories of overcoming and thriving. What separates one from the other? A choice.

The weather? How did this one get in here? lol Well for some of us, the weather runs our lives! How many times have you snapped at someone because you just had to trudge through puddles of water and your new hair do was ruined by the rain drops? *looks around the room* uhuh I see some of you out there nodding your head. Some people cry when it rains and some people dance in it. Some people whine when it snows *points at self* some people run out side and make a snow angel*looks at Sherry*. Same could be said of arguments. I’ve never seen the weather or an argument grow legs and hands and force anyone to do anything. What determines which we will be? A choice.

Age … well I think I have used this a time or two. Maybe this one is … I mean, old is old right? My bones won’t do what they used to do. Ah, but then how are there 90 year olds dancing, lifting weights, doing acrobatics? Or maybe you think you are too young? Then how come there are millionaires under the age of 20? Do you think maybe the difference between them and us is … a choice?

See it always comes back to a choice. Will I or won’t I? Will I do what my parents did, or won’t I? Will I live in the past or in the present? Will I trust again, or won’t I? Will I regain what I lost or live in the loss? Will I snap at someone or keep quiet? Will I take care of myself, or just let myself go? Will I put forth the effort or lounge around all day?

A choice … it’s all about a choice.

There is one ultimate choice which can bring ultimate freedom from any of our past choices. That choice is whether to allow God to be ruler of our life. Whether to allow Jesus to be our Savior. And whether to allow the Holy Spirit to guide our lives. If we make the right choice, none of the other choices will matter. Not really, not in the grand scheme of things. So what about you? Do you want to make that choice today? I sure pray you do! Choose wisely.

2 thoughts on “Choose Wisely

  1. A great root stimulator, speaking volumes to the many, many choices we make in life and the rippling effects even to the next generation and the next until we find that truth. Thank you for writing. Your thought provoking articles are a choice read. It is always my pleasure to share your passion!

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