A Mother’s Thoughts – Day 1

Four days of travel, 9 months pregnant, I would not recommend to anyone. But I guess Caesar Augustus would have no idea what that would be like now would he! Yet we reached Bethlehem, safe and sound,  just to find that everyone else had gotten here before us. If you had seen Joseph’s face when I told him I was about to give birth, lol, priceless. He is such a good man, he looked around and didn’t know what to do. So many had gotten here before us that there wasn’t any room for us in main area of the guest chambers, but thankfully we were able to join the animals. There are many others with us who were either late arrivals like us, or couldn’t afford a normal guest room. We made do quite nicely though, this little stall that we are in, provides a little privacy. One advantage is that all the hay provides a nice resting spot. But when Joseph looked around, I think his thought was, “Here, in THIS place, the child of God is going to be born?”

And right here he was born. He’s asleep over there in the manger, as a carpenter, Joseph can be so industrious, he brought that over, threw some hay in it and made a perfect bed for our little bundle of joy. We even had visitors last night. Can’t imagine why anyone would want to come here, in such a heavily crowded place, without being forced to by the government. But they did, just the same. Some shepherds who were far off in the fields and they said they were visited by an angel and told of our baby’s birth. I remember when I was visited by an angel and told that I would be the mother of this child. I was troubled, disturbed and confused. But the angel said the same thing to me that he said to the shepherd’s, “Do not be afraid.” A peace came over me, but when he told me that the Holy Spirit was going to come upon me and I would become pregnant, I have to admit, I was afraid. Yet, I knew that God was with me, and I said, “I am the handmaiden of the Lord; let it be done to me according to what you have said.”

The shepherds were here all night. Joseph is over there talking with them now as I catch a little rest. The angel told me his name, Jesus (Iēsous , Jehoshua). He told me that Jesus would “be great (eminent) and will be called the Son of the Most High; and the Lord God will give to Him the throne of His forefather David and reign over the house of Jacob throughout the ages; and of His reign there will be no end.” I just can’t even imagine that right now. He is just a baby. He does what all baby’s do. Honestly, he doesn’t seem any different, not special in any significant way. Oh, he is special to me, because he is my son, but just a normal little baby, wrapped in swaddling clothes, laying in a feeding trough, in the back of the guest quarters, with all the animals and the poor people. It just doesn’t seem like the way that a child of God would be born. But such are the ways of God.

The shepherds told us that there was a multitude of angels praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men. What does all this mean for my little boy? How can he ever reign with no end yet there be peace on earth? No one ever reigns in peace. And what does good will toward men mean? Oh, I pray that I am given what I need to bring this little boy up in such a way that he is prepared for what God has in store for him.

Well, he is stirring. He has such a peace and joy about him. He only cries when he needs something. I love him so much, I am so thankful that God has chosen me to care for him.


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