His Word …

His word is what started everything. It brought all of creation into being. His word formed, molded, created, designed, His word is powerful. His word is what gave us life. But for some reason, man chose to believe a different word. Satan used His (God’s) word to bring death. He is very subtle about it, making sure to use just enough of His words to make it sound authentic, but giving it a little twist. Isn’t that how it always is? We know the truth, we know His word, we know His power, and yet we let someone, something, twist it and get us off track. His word gave us life, His twisted word brought us death.

Ah, but God … But God is what we always have to keep in mind. But God didn’t let it end there. This time, He used a different word. This time He SENT His Word to dwell among us. He sent His Word to bring us new life, make us new creations, give us a second chance. And once again, we are faced with the choice of believing His Word, or a twisted version of it. Satan is still trying to twist it, but now we don’t call it a snake, we call it the world. Our snake is society telling us, it’s okay if you do this or that, you can ask for forgiveness later. It’s okay if you do this or that, as long as your motives are right. It’s okay to do this or that just a little as long as you don’t do it a lot. Yes, the snake is still among us, twisting what His Word says.

His word gave us life, His twisted word gave us death. Did we learn anything from that? Will we make a different choice than Adam and Eve made? We talk about that choice and what we would do if we had to make it, but the reality is, we DO have to make it. Each and every day we make that choice.

Do we want what the snake/world has to offer us? Or do we want what His Word has to offer us?

You are standing in the garden, right next to the tree – what are you going to do?

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