The Word …

It’s simply amazing what just one word can do. Just one simple word. Do you know what I mean?

Take the word ‘stop’ or the word ‘go.’ These two words can control a massive amount of people. They are so powerful that we don’t even need to use them, we’ve trained our minds that if we see red – we stop and green – we go. We’ve trained our bodies, and even animals, that at a sound we go or we stop. If someone yells “STOP!” everyone stops, even if it isn’t being said to that person. Powerful.

Or how about the words ‘healed’ or ‘cancer?’ Just by reading them you can have an emotional reaction. It could invoke joy and happiness or sadness and anger. They may even bring back floods of visions and memories of a personal journey we’ve taken or one we’ve taken with someone.

Another extremely impactful word is ‘love.’ The funny thing about that word is, it can bring great joy as well as extreme hurt. Don’t believe it can hurt? Ask a young teenager who ‘loves’ someone who doesn’t return that feeling. Ask a wife or a husband who has been told that their spouse ‘loves’ someone else. This word can actually make your heart skip a beat, give the feeling of ‘butterflies’ in your stomach, and bring bright color to your face.

Ironically, three completely insignificant words that have very little impact on anything, made a huge impact on every thing in the world we see around us. Not because of the words themselves, but because God spoke them. Think about it. What significance do the words ‘let’ and ‘there’ and ‘be’ have? If I say ‘let there be,’ to you, does it have any affect on your emotions, your mind, your body? Do they bring back memories, make you have any kind of reaction? Let me see ….. Let There Be! ….. Nope … nothing … didn’t do a thing for me. Did it for you? Oh, but when God spoke ‘let there be’ … waters moved, mountains rose, light came out, animals breathed … there was significant changes going on! So the power of words doesn’t come from us mere piles of dirt. Things don’t happen because we say so. Without the power of God behind our words, we are simply the loose grains of dirt that the wind blows away. But with the power of God behind our words, we are the grand mountains that nothing can move but God himself.

Yet, I think, for me personally, there is another word that is even more powerful than the words ‘let there be,’ spoke from the mouth of God. What? That can’t be so! There is no way! Is that what your thinking? Follow me on this.

There is one word that changed the world, change history, change the future. This word impacted and moved things that can be much harder to move than water and earth and sky. This word touched a multitude of lives. This word is an eternal word, it has touched lives, is touching lives, and will touch lives all at the very same time. This word is THE Word. Without THE Word – I am nothing. Seriously, I can even know who God is, believe He created the world, but with out The Word, it doesn’t matter now does it? That’s what The Word said:

… I am the Way and the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father except by (through) Me. ~ John 14

Let there be! – the way we were created in the very beginning,
    Jesus! – the way we become reborn.

Let there be! – we can say that God is true,
Jesus! – only way
 to really know the truth.

Let there be! –  gave us temporal life
Jesus! gives us eternal life. 

Need a way, need the truth, need a life – it all starts with The Word.   Iēsous – Jesus – If you don’t know that Word – you have no way, no truth, and no life.

You may feel like you have all those things without him, but that’s because you haven’t experienced what being with Him is really like. Life without him is like a fan in a room, blowing around the air and keeping things cool on a hot summer day. It seems powerful, you have to practically nail stuff down to keep it from blowing stuff out the door! Yes, it sure is powerful. But take it out into the real world on a windy day – and what power does it have? Is there any real significance to it’s power compared to the winds blowing the trees and the clouds around? 

Power – it’s all wrapped up in one Word. So …

Let there be – Jesus! Now we’re talking POWER!!



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