Meditation and Prayer Journey – Proverbs 9

Proverbs 9


NIV Version,  Message VersionEnglish Standard Version (see the list of related scriptures at the bottom of the ESV page), King James Version

Amplified Version *colors added by me

1WISDOM HAS built her house; she has hewn out and set up her seven [perfect number of] pillars.2She has killed her beasts, she has mixed her [spiritual] wine; she has also set her table.(A)

3She has sent out her maids to cry from the highest places of the town:

4Whoever is simple (easily led astray and wavering), let him turn in here! As for him who lacks understanding, [God’s] Wisdom says to him,

5Come, eat of my bread and drink of the [spiritual] wine which I have mixed.(B)

6Leave off, simple ones [forsake the foolish and simpleminded] and live! And walk in the way of insight and understanding.

7He who rebukes a scorner heaps upon himself abuse, and he who reproves a wicked man gets for himself bruises.

8Reprove not a scorner, lest he hate you; reprove a wise man, and he will love you.(C)

9Give instruction to a wise man and he will be yet wiser; teach a righteous man (one upright and in right standing with God) and he will increase in learning.

10The reverent and worshipful fear of the Lord is the beginning (the chief and choice part) of Wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight and understanding.

11For by me [Wisdom from God] your days shall be multiplied, and the years of your life shall be increased.

12If you are wise, you are wise for yourself; if you scorn, you alone will bear it and pay the penalty.

13The foolish woman is noisy; she is simple and open to all forms of evil, she [willfully and recklessly] knows nothing whatever [of eternal value].

14For she sits at the door of her house or on a seat in the conspicuous places of the town,

15Calling to those who pass by, who go uprightly on their way:

16Whoever is simple (wavering and easily led astray), let him turn in here! And as for him who lacks understanding, she says to him,

17Stolen waters (pleasures) are sweet [because they are forbidden]; and bread eaten in secret is pleasant.(D)

18But he knows not that the shades of the dead are there [specters haunting the scene of past transgressions], and that her invited guests are [already sunk] in the depths of Sheol (the lower world, Hades, the place of the dead).

* NOTE: Other views expressed by those whose materials has been referenced here, do not necessarily reflect this author’s personal views.

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Welcome Criticism

A number of years ago I read an interesting article about cancer researcher Dr. Robert Good. He was described as a hard-driving individual with an enormous faculty for new ideas and the ability to make use of any information that came to him. I was most impressed, however, with a statement that credited him with a willingness to recognize an error in his theories and abandon them faster than anyone else in medical research. An associate said, “Dr. Good never gets married to his hypotheses, so he doesn’t go through the pangs of divorce when one is proven wrong.”

Proverbs 9 puts a high premium on such readiness to see one’s error and admit it. It describes a wise man as one who wants to learn from his mistakes. When challenged, he resists the urge to get his back up like a threatened tomcat. Instead, correction becomes a faithful friend and a necessary means to improvement (v.9). On the other hand, when a “scoffer” is rebuked, he responds with anger and hate (v.8). Because of his overinflated ego, he won’t listen when told he has erred.

We always need to follow the path of wisdom by giving heed to words of reproof. To be truly wise, we must remember that at times we too have played the fool! —Mart De Haan Our Daily Bread, Copyright RBC Ministries, Grand Rapids, MI. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved)

If criticism comes your way,
Welcome its intent;
It may be that some truth from God
Through it is being sent. –DJD

The one who refuses to hear criticism has no chance to learn from it.

Proverbs 9:10

Multi Media

The Book of Proverbs as narrated by Max McLean – Proverbs 9

Wisdom (Scripture Song)

Key Words*

Most have been covered in the previous chapters.

Rebuke (AMP)/Reprove (KJV) – yâsar – A primitive root; to chastise, literally (with blows) or figuratively (with words); hence to instruct: – bind, chasten, chastise, correct, instruct, punish, reform, reprove, sore, teach.

Reprove (KJV) / Rebuke (AMP) – yâkach A primitive root; to be right (that is, correct); reciprocally to argue; causatively to decide, justify or convict: – appoint, argue, chasten, convince, correct (-ion), daysman, dispute, judge, maintain, plead, reason (together), rebuke, reprove (-r), surely, in any wise.

Scorner – lûts – to scorn, make mouths at, talk arrogantly … to boast; to scorn


Matthew Henry

Jamieson, Fausset & Brown

My Reflections

There’s another key in this one:

10The reverent and worshipful fear of the Lord is the beginning (the chief and choice part) of Wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight and understanding.

So once again like in the beginning chapters, we are told the reverent and worshipful fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom. And we are also told that the knowledge of the Holy one is insight and understanding.

A couple of things stuck out to me:

7He who rebukes a scorner heaps upon himself abuse, and he who reproves a wicked man gets for himself bruises.

Wait, what??? So if I instruct, correct, or teach someone who is scornful, boastful, or arrogant, I (not him/her) get abuse??? If I correct, chastise, dispute, plead with, reason with a bad person, I get bruised?? OUCH! That’s not fair! But, thinking back over life, I can see how this is VERY true. The thing is, when we read scripture, we have to look at it from two angles. This angle was me being the one rebuking and reproving. The other anger is me being the one RECEIVING rebuke and reproving.

When someone rebukes or reproves (tries to instruct, correct, teach, chastise, dispute, plead with, reason with) us, what kind of treatment do they get in return?  Oh yeah, now there’s the pinch! We need to think about it next time someone approaches us. If we abuse them or bruise them (doesn’t mean with fists or hands – it can also be with harsh, strong words), we need to check our heart. John Gill writes: “this shows who is meant by a scorner, a very profligate man, bent on his wicked ways, and quite incorrigible; to rebuke such an one is not only labour lost, and in vain, but the rebuker getteth himself an ill name, and is sure to have the dirt of reproach and scandal cast upon him; though this a man might patiently bear, if there was any hope of doing good.”

Another one to look at:

8Reprove not a scorner, lest he hate you; reprove a wise man, and he will love you.

Ah, ok, so what does this say about us? If we hate someone after they have told us we are wrong – we are scorner – and that isn’t good. But if we love them and embrace what they are trying to tell us – we are one of the “good” guys – Yay for us!

Wise or Foolish – there really is no in between. Wise people are wise because they gain wisdom, knowledge, and understanding from God, and others. Not just any ‘others’ but people who also gain from God. Foolish – they listen to themselves more than they do others, they don’t like other’s to tell them what to do. When they want to feel justified in their own thoughts and actions, they find other people who will agree with them, but are not mature in their spiritual connection with God. Another difference is a wise person seeks thoughts, ideas, and opinions from a couple of people, a fool – just looks for someone to agree and then stops there. This is a time to take a look at your advisors and your friends. What kind of spiritual walk are they walking? How many have you consulted with? Do they have all the information to help instruct you properly?

Wise or Foolish – the choice is ours.


Father, I thank you that You have placed Wisdom in our lives. That you continue to have her call out to us. I thank you that You have given us your word to know the difference between wise and foolish so that we can stay away from the call of the foolish. Lord, if there be any foolish advisors in my life, please reveal them to me. Please remove them from that spot in my life and provide others who are more wise and connected with you. I thank you for all those who are already in my life, sent by You, speaking, encouraging, rebuking, and reproving to me. Help me to listen with a wise ear, understand with a tender heart, and walk in knowledge received.

Lord, I pray for those who are drawn in by the foolish. I pray that the call of Wisdom become louder and louder until they can’t help but turn to listen. I pray that you begin to prune the foolish voices from their life and bring wise people around them. Help the wise people who try to rebuke and reprove this scornful person be able to withstand the abuse and the bruises of the foolish person. Lord, as I read in Your word, many times those who spoke on Your behalf suffered and endured much. Yet their testimony has always been that you were there, You are, You were, and You always will be. Help the wise that you send out into the world keep that deep within their hearts. When it seems no one is with them, for them, beside them, around them, let them know that You are the great I AM! AMEN!


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