What Really Happened at Bethlehem? (A study of the stars)

Match the numbers with the correct letter:

__ 1. eliptical orbit A. Jupiter
__ 2. Jupiter B. Name for the Jewish messiah
__ 3. King planet joined ______ C. Venus
__ 4. Leo D. the way the planets move around the sun
__ 5. Lion of the tribe of Judah E. A star, known as the King Star,
__ 6. Regulus F. The apparent backward motion of a planet
__ 7. retrograde motion G. largest planet, also known as King Planet or Father Planet
__ 8. Trumpets H. Constalation that looks like a lion
__ 9. Venus I. often used to announce the arrival of a king
__ 10. ____ crowned Regulus J. Known as the Mother Planet

__ 11. Bethlehem K. Gabriel visits Mary, stars announce coming of King
__ 12. December L. Jesus’s birth, stars announce birth of King
__ 13. Jeruselem M. Jupiter “stopped” over this city.
__ 14. June N. Where Magi talked with Herod
__ 15. September O. When Jupiter went into retrograde

What does this have to do with Christmas? Well the heavens foretold and played out exactly what God’s plan was. It really is awe-striking information that you have to see for yourself. For more details and interesting facts in regards to the Star of Bethlehem – I encourage you to check out http://www.bethlehemstar.net/

Answer Key

1.D  2.G  3.C  4.H  5.B  6.E  7.F  8.I  9.J  10.A

11.M  12.O  13.N  14.L  15.K


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