Ever considered ….

Have you ever considered …

When I was originally contemplating this blog, I thought about using a chess match as a picture story, but that just doesn’t seem right. See, a chess match would imply that we don’t get to make choices and moves on our own. We are just pieces moved around the board. Actually, the more I thought about it, the more I wished life was like a chess match. Then I could just rely on God to put me where I needed to go and protect me. Of course, I would be the queen. heheh! And I figure God’s got to be the Ultimate Chess Master so I’d be in good hands. But, that isn’t how it is.

But anyway, back to what I was saying, have you ever considered …

Then I thought, you know, it’s more like a football game. But I can’t decide, is God like the coach or the owner. Hmmm, I thought He was like the owner. But then I found out there can be more than one owner. So that didn’t work. So I’m gonna go with Him being like the Head Coach. I know it’s not perfect, but just go with me on this one.

Oh, almost forgot, have you ever considered …

All the hard work and practice that went into being a great football player? I mean those guys sweat, and beat their bodies up, they go over plays in their heads, it takes some real dedication to be a great football player. And to be honest, it never really seems as though the coaches are very nice at practice, always screaming and yelling at their players. And talk about picky, they just pick, pick, pick at every move the player makes. They have movies that the whole team watches just to see who’s doing what wrong. And they call all this ‘training’. When a player signs up to play football, he always has the end in mind – he sees the fans, the touchdown, the money – all the glory stuff. He doesn’t consider what will happen between here and his gloryland picture.

Oh, yeah, back to my original thought, have you ever considered …

Which player would you want to be on God’s football team anyway? You know, in real life things happen to us that are bad, but you know what, it isn’t that much different than when a team gets an interception or a sake, or gets tackled. I mean, the play always seems perfect on paper, but there are so many variables once the ball is hiked. Sometimes what happens to us in life is just a consequence of a mis-step of our own. We spin left and BOOM! right into a blocker. That blocker might even have his back to us and have no idea we are coming, but a-lass, we go down anyway. And there we are, laying on the ground thinking about whether we really want to get back up or not. But, somehow, we always do, seriously, if we don’t, we’ll probably get trampled by the next play! lol So we get up, ready to run the next play. This time we try to make better choices so we don’t get leveled 5 yards from where we started from!

Ah, got side tracked again, have you ever considered …

And you know what else? Sometimes we think we know the play and we think we are getting the ball, but the quarterback sees something we don’t see and he throws the ball to someone else on the team. We walk back to the huddle just a little tee’d off that we ran our heart out and didn’t get the ball like we were supposed too. Man, that just irks ya doesn’t it? All that wasted energy for nothing, and of course, if the ball had been thrown to you, we both know you would have made a touchdown out of it, right? lol yeah, we know.

Oh boy, you really have to keep me on track here. Have you ever considered …

I’d really hate to be on a loosing team wouldn’t you? All those fans that get so mad when the team they support isn’t doing so well. Of course, we’ve all been a part of those teams in life. Those fans sitting up there, watching what we are doing and pointing out every step we make that isn’t where they think it should be. Oh boy, and imagine if you happen to jump the gun a bit and go offside when you’re at first and goal! UGH!! You sure do get an ear full then don’t you?! You know sometimes, I do think it might be in the best interest for the player to give a little consideration to what some of the fans are saying. You all know you’ve had some really great ideas as a fan, if they would just listen, they might actually win a game or two.

{knocks self in head} Why can’t I seem to get this out? Have you ever considered …

What amazes me is that players come and go and all the same stuff keeps happening no matter what the names of the players on the field are. Every single game – no matter what the team, what the colors, what the city, what the players names are – goes the same way. Some one get’s tackled, someone get’s touchdowns, someone gets yelled at by a fan, someone wins and someone looses. So does who’s playing really matter? Seriously, we’d like to say that it matters who quarterbacks, but it really doesn’t if no one else on the team does well. There are so many variables in the game, that the name of the player, who the player really is, sometimes really just doesn’t matter. Does it?

Ok, I promise, this time … Have you ever considered …

ITS NOT ABOUT YOU!!! All that training isn’t to make a player great – it’s to make a team great. God isn’t punishing you, or testing you, He’s training you for the real game. He’s not yelling at you or putting pressure on you because He doesn’t like you, He’s trying to make you a great Christian. Sure our bodies feel beat up and bruised. We just want to sit down and cry sometimes. But we need to keep the end in mind and push through all this training and conditioning. Then one day, we will know what REAL Glory is!

IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU!! Really. Life is really not about you. The bad stuff that happens to you, it usually isn’t about you. Sure, we sometimes make a mis-step here or there, and then suffer some consequences for that – it’s not the other team attacking you, it’s just you making a bad choice and suffering because of it. The questions is, did you learn for it?

IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU!!! Sometimes, you’re just doing what you thought you were supposed to do but God could see the whole field and new there was a better option. It’s not the other team chasing you down, it’s just there’s other players on the field besides you. The question is, are you still going to play for the team or get mad and storm off?

IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU!!! Sometimes, those people around you yelling at you, their just upset about other things, other people, or whatever. You could be anyone standing where you happen to be standing and they would go off on you. It’s not the other team passing your name out and telling everyone to yell at you. The question is, are you going to let a few fans run you off the team?

IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU!!! You see, in this football game, this life. There is an opponent, satan. But really, he doesn’t care all that much about you. He’s just trying to win the football game because he can’t stand to see the other coach, God win. He doesn’t care if you play for God’s team or not. He doesn’t care if you’re here today or gone tomorrow. He just doesn’t want God to win. So, he puts his little defensive team out on the field to do whatever he can to stop God from winning. Not YOU from winning, God!

IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU!!! You see, next time the enemy sends a blocker your way and knocks you down, don’t get all frustrated, just get up, dust yourself off, and get back to the huddle. Because in the huddle is where God is able to let you in on what He knows. And sometimes, you are going to mess up, but one things for sure, God is NEVER going to kick you off his team. He’ll just help you out a little more on the practice field. Because He wants you to be the best that you can be at whatever position you want to play in. Hmmm, well, FINALLY!! IT’S JUST A little ABOUT YOU NOW! lol

When you give your life to Christ, you sign up for God’s team. He can’t wait to get you out on the field playing. You’re his NUMBER ONE draft pick! You’re job is to do your best, be a team player, help make the team stronger, and learn from any mistakes you make a long the way. Don’t take things so personal. Either you are suffering through something as a consequence of your own action. Or satan is trying to keep God from winning and you just happen to be on the team he is playing against. If he can get you to quit, there’s one less team player standing between him and his victory. Satan is NEVER attacking you personally, he just doesn’t like the team you’re playing for. His ultimate goal is just trying to keep God from winning. The good news? This is all just a TIVO’d game and we already know who won!!!

Give me a J- you’ve got your J, you’ve got your J
Give me an E – you’ve got your E, you’ve got your E
Give me an S – S, S, S
Give me a U – you’ve got your U, you’ve got your U
Give me an S – S, S, S

What’s that spell? JESUS!!!
Who’s your daddy? JESUS!!!
Who’s your lord? JESUS

The saints, the saints, the saints on fire!
We don’t need satan cause satan is a liar!
The saints, the saints, the saints on fire!
We don’t need satan cause satan is a liar!!!!


Now get back in that game and do your best! Go get ’em!!!!


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