Notes from Nurture by Lisa Bevere

These are just some highlights I made while reading this book by Lisa Bevere.

Chapter 1 – The Search for Nurture and Connection

Page 8

Mothers help us discover who we are. You can’t allow just anyone to define you.

In an atmosphere of nurture, the answers are revealed.

Page 12

Women are life and relationship connectors. Where is your connection? Daughter, where is your mother? Mother, where are your daughter? Sister, where are your friends? Grandmother, where are the younger women who long for your wisdom?

Chapter 2 – The Power of Nurture

Page 19

Beautiful daughter, pause a moment and think: is there some area you have potential in that is waiting to be remembered and developed?

Any gift, ability, or talent we have is given to us to improve and enhance the lives of others. There is something within you that this world desperately needs.

Chapter 3 – Making Connections

Page 38-39

Daughters are growing, so they need to ask for things, such as connections, love, affirmation, and answers. The question “Why?” is often in their mouths.

Mothers are grown; they have answers, meet needs, give love, ask for obedience, and are often busy. the word “Because” is often in their mouths.

Grandmothers have aged and almost embody maternal love and life answers, but they watch and wait as they ask for hugs and kisses. The phrase “Let it go, it doesn’t matter” is in their vocabulary as they pat you.

Page 41

If questions are not asked and answers are not given, then no one grows and healthy perspective is lost.

… a daughter … wants to know if you think she has the heart and soul to make it. She wants a mother to believe in her.

Page 42

There is a seed of heaven in these women’s lives that you as a grandmother, mother, sister, or daughter in the house of God must bless and rejoice over.

Page 43

When God relates people, it is for increased personal strength, spiritual growth, and kingdom purposes. There is no reason for anyone to remain isolated and alone.

How do you make these links or connections? find out God’s will for your life and begin to do it! And in the process you will discover others who are related to you. People of similar interests and passions naturally connect.

Page 45

RELATE (verb) 1. To have a significant connection with or bearing on something. 2. To find or show a connection between two or more people … based on an understanding … or on shared views or concerns. 3. To tell a story or describe an event.

Page 47

Peace will happen only when our world learns to value its seed more than its present hostilities and love more than hate.

Page 51

Far too many women are disconnected and isolated.

Page 54

The formation of a pearl is the response to a seed or irritant lodging itself within the confines of a mollusk (oyster or mussel). The mollusk isolates the irritation and coats it in successive, circular layers of nacre or the mother of pearl. This eventually results in the formation of a pearl. This process continues for as long as the mollusk lives.

You see, the irritant or seed creates a wound in the lining of the mollusk similar to the way an embryo “wounds” and implants itself in the lining of the uterus.

Page 55

The response of the pearl holds this hope, that what was painful to the mothers can become a think of priceless beauty in the daughters.

Chapter 4 – Sister to Sister

Page 59

Jesus is not coming back for a church or even an army. He is coming back for a bride. This lovely end-time metaphor that captures and embodies His relationship with the church as a whole will one day be collected without spot, wrinkle, or blemish. We need to make sure she is not covered with the scratch marks of catfights.

Page 61

Women have always been intimate partners with the redemptive plan of God. It is now our time to partner in His return.

Men plan wars but women plan weddings. Both are on our horizon – it is time to make ready.

Page 62

Women have intimate access to the human heart to influence it for good or evil. What begins in our hearts will eventually spread to our lives, fill our mouths, and overtake our actions. The corresponding deeds have the power to impact individuals, collective groups, and eventually nations. If the heart is healthy, its warmth spreads to all it makes contact with.

Page 63

Men need women. The daughters and sons together capture the fullness of God’s image in human form (Gen. 1:27). the men are the strength and the women the heart. Might without heart or compassion can be cruel, just as a heart without authority is weak and vulnerable.

Page 67

Heartfelt counsel is a rare treasure. It is hard to find those beautiful friends who are both earnest and honest. The perfume of such an encounter has the power to scent or fill a room.

As we gather, it is important we don’t just talk; it is equally important we come together to listen.

Page 70

How can we foster relationship? Look at this verse.

As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend. (Proverbs 27:17)

Page 71

Envy is unreasoning and senseless.

Please understand that envy is rarely satisfied unless its objective is destroyed.

He chose you, so don’t allow this force to intimidate you.

Page 73-74

Envy is a form of hatred and jealousy is a type of fear.

You were not meant to live the life of another, you were meant to live your life with passion and gratitude. If it is somewhat less than you desire, it is up to you to rewrite your story or attitude; don’t insert yourself into the story of another or try to steal the role he or she plays.

Page 76-77

Notice the opposite of competition is friendship.

You see, competition tends to exist when we surround ourselves with friends who make us uncomfortable with who we truly are.

The next time a friend is complimented in your presence, simply agree – or better yet, add to the flattering description.

Page 77-78

… it is still gossip, even if it is discussion of facts!

Why would I ever be troubled if my words of kindness were repeated?

Don’t chase the tales a gossip carries. Some things are so ridiculous they do not even merit a response.

There is so much good in the worst of us, And so much bad in the best of us, That it hardly becomes any of us, To talk about the rest of us. ~ Edward Wallis Hoch

Page 78

When you are isolated, your world revolves around you, your problems and perspective. This fosters excessive self-consciousness.

The only cure for this is to realize the world is way bigger than we know.

Page 79

Women tend to betray each other because somewhere along the way they have lost their truer sense of self.


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