Just watching one of the last episodes of the TV Show, Flashforward on ABC. As I was watching it, it struck me that in many ways, we are actually living in a flashforward. Think about it. The book of Revelation and many others, paints a very clear picture of where we can end up. After all, in the TV Show, that’s all they really saw as well, where they COULD end up. Everything in our lives revolves around choices we make, every minute of every day. Left or Right, Up or Down, Here or There. But ultimately, there is only one of  two futures for everyone, Heaven or Hell. This is being said to us over and over again throughout the entire Bible. Life or Death, Heaven or Hell, Right or Wrong, Jesus or Nothing, God or Self.

God has shown us each our flashforwards and now we have to make a decision on whether we are going to continue down the path we are on and have them come true or not. But we can’t follow our flashforwards, we have to follow God. Because each and every day decisions are made that affect our paths. We are linked to each other and we have to rely on God to guide us through each and every changing path to our future. In the show, a man sleeps with a woman to get her pregnant because she saw herself pregnant in the future. A man is handed a drink and drinks because he saw it in is flashforward. What if? What if they hadn’t played in to those flashforwards? Both lead to hurtful and unpleasant experiences. What if they had chosen to do something different? Like a man commits suicide so that he can not be there to kill a woman. Or the man who was supposed to die, but doesn’t. Because of their choices, they changed the paths of those around them, some to the better. If we get caught up in where we THINK we should be, or what we THINK we should do, we just might miss the new path to what God has planned for us. (2 Peter 1:11)

If you don’t have Jesus, your path will lead to death, hell, eternal torment. (Acts 4:12, Ephesians 5:5) There is only one way to alter your flashforward and that is to find Jesus and follow Him. He will lead you into a new and better future.

If you have Jesus, your path can lead to life, Heaven, eternal glory at God’s feet. But you still have to follow Jesus because there are people around who will try to convince you to go down paths you should not go down. (James 3:6) If you are on the wrong path, you may alter your flashforward and wind up in death, hell, and eternal torment.

Keep your eye on Jesus, do what He did. Go where He tells you. The best flashforward anyone could ever experience is the one that only He can make come true.

Think about it, many of the people who knew the scriptures word for word, letter by letter, and knew of the coming Messiah, missed it when it happened right before their eyes. Why? Because they thought they understood what their flashfoward (prophets words that were written down) meant. They were following what they THOUGHT was their flashforward instead of following God.  They missed it all together. Do you really want to miss out on something like that? We know that all of us end up in one of two destinations, Heaven or Hell. But don’t assume that what you think is your flashfoward is what is set in stone to happen. Don’t get caught up in the tiny window you can see through. Don’t think that you know what path you will walk down to get to your destination. Don’t chase the flashforward (Heaven). Follow God, that way, you KNOW you are on the right path and are guaranteed the best outcome. It can be scary, but the rewards far out weigh the costs.


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