Fixa Flat or Junk Yard?

When this thought originally came to me, I had no idea how well it fit what I was using it for. Since first using it, I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind. So, I’m going with it.

How many times have you had a flat tire? At the wrong place and the wrong time, they sure can be annoying. And it is just amazing how the tiniest little hole can bring a huge vehicle to a stand still. Sometimes you have to wet the tire and wait to see bubbles just to find the little bugger. Sometimes tires go flat over long periods of time. Sometimes they just blow out without warning. Either way, you have to stop to fix it or it can result in more damage to the vehicle.

Here are some things I’d like you to think about in regards to your tires.

  • Even a tire with no hole needs to be aired up once in a while. It is important to maintainin sufficient air pressure if your tire is to provide all of the handling, traction and durability of which it is capable. The change in the air temperature around the tire will affect the pressure inside. For every 10° Fahrenheit change in air temperature, your tire’s inflation pressure will change by about 1 psi, to the good or to the bad.
  • No matter whether it is a tiny hole you can’t see or a huge blow out, you have to stop to fix it. You can’t change a tire while the vehicle is moving … well I guess you could but I think you would end up on that Darwin Award’s list.
  • As soon as you find a tiny little hole, you have to plug it OR you have to put air in the tire, over and over and over again. You could use that fix-a-flat stuff, but you still have to put air in the tire.
  • Continuing to drive on a flat tire may result in loss of control of the vehicle or irreparable damage to the tire and more. If there is any chance of patching a leak and restoring a tire, it will be diminished if the vehicle continues to be driven.
  • If you continue to drive on a flat tire, damage will begin to appear all over the vehicle.
  • Driving with a flat tire, especially at higher speeds, is dangerous. Since controlling the vehicle becomes more difficult, this may result in a serious incident or potentially a deadly accident.

Think about how flat tires happen as well:

  • Small pieces of glass, a tiny little tack or nail. Doesn’t have to be anything big, just tiny little everyday objects.
  • Vandalism, the act of someone else purposely slashing your tire. Or even someone just letting a little air out of your tire can cause damage if you drive around for along period of time without refilling it.
  • Collision with another vehicle or object.
  • Improper maintenance and excessive wear on the tire which will allow even the smallest things to puncture the tire.

Think about some of the repair options:

  • Find the little bugger or buggers (there could be more than one) that caused it. Remove it and plug, patch or fix-a-flat the tire.
  • Replace the part that has been damaged.
  • Scrap the whole vehicle and get a new one.

No matter what option you pick, air has to be put into a tire. Think about it, even a brand vehicle would be no good without air in the tire. Oh and just curious, which of those repair options would you rather do? Me, I’m going for the first one, it cost a whole lot less than the other ones. If I have to, I’d replace the damaged part, but even the new one will need to be taken care of and replaced eventually. I’m willing to guess that it was the same option you chose.

Here’s the kicker. What if you thought about your relationship and your life in relation to a flat tire. HUH?? Let me explain.

Let’s think of issues, relationships or life as the flat tire. It could be problems caused by something very small or really big. Does it matter? After all, even the smallest of things can bring your life to a halt. Are you thinking, no way? Cancer is really just an abnormal cell, you can’t even see it with the naked eye. Think that could bring your life to a halt? What about getting an ‘F’ on a school paper? Don’t think so? What if that ‘F’ was gotten on a final and it affect your grade in such a way that cause you to get a ‘C’ in the class which made you lose your scholarship? How about a fingernail or toenail? Your laughing now aren’t you? hehe. But think about it, a spouse’s annoying habit of chewing their nails or clipping them and throwing them on the floor could just be that little piece of glass in the tire of marriage. I know, it can be an easy repair, and it can sound stupid, but we all know it can bring a marriage to a halt eventually.

You know why? Because, when you drive around on a flat tire, eventually other things start to go wrong in the car. First it’s the fingernail, then it’s the way they talk, then it’s what they do, then it’s … if you’ve been married, you know what I am talking about. If you haven’t, I can bet you have been in school. The first C or F, is really no big deal. But in a class like Algebra, if you are lost the first week, you just get more and more lost as the weeks go by. If you don’t stop and fix your flat in the beginning, well, your vehicle is going to break down by the end of the school year.

And think back on the reasons for flat tires. Did you notice that most of the reasons are from external sources? I’m quite sure you did not purposely place a piece of glass or nail in your tire. But, the one that you do have control over is the maintenance. If you ignore taking care of your tires or paying attention to them, you WILL get a flat, it is just a matter of time.

So if you haven’t gotten it by now, let me kind of spell it out here for you. You can’t ignore things in your relationship and life. You have to notice them and take care of them. Your relationships and your life require care and maintenance. The slightest little change in the temperature around you can affect your relationship and your life. No matter if it is a tiny little thing or a huge blow out, you have to stop and fix it. You can’t just go on and ignore it. And it is very difficult to fix it if it is still moving. And it has to be taken care of as soon as you notice it or you will be looking at major repair costs. And to continue on without repairing it is just plain dangerous … it’s just asking for accident …  which could be deadly.

Here’s another thing, we’ve all heard things like, “Don’t dwell on the past.” “You only see the negative in things.” “You’re such a pessimist.” “Why does everything always happen to me?” “Life sucks!” Or how about the more “religious” ones? “Satan just keeps attacking me.” “I must be doing something right for satan to notice me and be bothering me.” “God has plans to prosper me.” “God will never give me more than I can handle.”

All of these can be true. In the right place, the right time, and the right situation, it could all be true. But you know what, MAYBE God only gave you a little flat tire to fix. But because of your actions or lack there off, now you have to repair the wheel, the hub assembly, the alignment, the frame, etc. And didn’t we all agree that none of us really wanted to have to replace an entire vehicle because of a flat tire? It is way to costly.  You are not a pessimist, a complainer, or someone who dwells in the past just because you are pointing out the you have a flat tire. However, you can not say, “Why does everything always happen to me?” either. Because all you have to do is do something to fix the flat. If you choose to keep driving around, you are choosing to incur more problems. Oh, and just because you have a ton of problems in your life doesn’t mean satan is attacking you. Sure, he may have tried to vandalize your life by slashing your tire, but YOU are the one choosing to continue to drive around on it.

God does have plans to prosper you, but sometimes, he just wants you to stop and if he has to, he could allow you to get a flat tire. By the way, don’t try to take the, “Well, I’d just get a new tire …” route either. Because to get a new tire also requires action, work, and it will cost you whether it is in time or money.

The point it, if you have a lot of issues in your life, take time to look at it and see what needs fixed. If you’ve been driving around on a flat tire for awhile, then it’s going to be awhile before all the damaged parts and necessary repairs can be made. If your relationship isn’t what you think it should be, take time to stop and fix the things that need fixing. If you don’t, your relationship and life will end up in the junk yard. And repairs from that point will cost you a whole lot more than it would have to just stop and repair that flat tire.

Now, try going back to the beginning of this document. And every time you see the word “tire” or “vehicle” put in “life,” ” relationship,” or “marriage”. Seriously, try it! If you don’t, well then, I might just see ya in the junk yard when I’m walking around looking for a replacement part. <grin>


2 thoughts on “Fixa Flat or Junk Yard?

  1. Thats good with a bit of humor… like that. Keeping it real…. Hey I found a little bittie typo… give me a call. or…

    Love you girl!


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