Self-Righteous Judges …

How many times have I heard that phrase used? Just curious, how many times have you used that phrase yourself? Come on, even if you haven’t said it out loud, you know you thought it. Ok, how about this version of it, “Who does he/she think they are …?” Yeah, I thought that might get you.

Why do so many people, specifically Christians, shy away from being told they appear to be doing something wrong? Grant it, maybe the delivery of the ‘news’ isn’t done in the right way, or isn’t communicated just right, but shouldn’t we at least take a look at what is being addressed? Regardless of how it is said, who said it, or why it was said. I mean honestly, is it the WAY it was said, or WHAT was said that upset you the most? Or maybe it was really WHO said it? So the ‘who’ and the ‘way’ keep you from really hearing the ‘what.’

I hear so many people complaining about being judged. When I hear a Christian say something about it, I’d like to say to them, “Have you REALLY read the Bible???” The WHOLE thing is about judgment. Most of the New Testament is made up of judgment letters written to various peoples. If there was no judgment – there would be no Bible! Have you thought about that? No judgment – no Jesus either.

Yeah, I know, I know, that’s different, after all, it’s “the Bible.” It is God’s Word. Um, hate to break this to you, but the Bible was written by human hands. No, I am not saying that it wasn’t God inspired, written by God or anything of the sort. I’m just saying, it was a human hand, holding a quill, and writing on parchment. Oh, but those people were God’s ‘chosen’ people, they were ‘holy,’ they were ‘special’. Once again, I’d like to say, “REALLY?? Are you serious?” You are going to tell me that Saul was a better person than some of the people you know today? Saul was a better person than that self-righteous judge that just spoke to you? I don’t think so. I think if we wanted to be honest with ourselves, Saul was worse than anyone you can think of that you know right now. But you see, Saul didn’t write most of the New Testament, PAUL did. The only difference between Saul and Paul was … the Holy Spirit – God!

Yeah, but that was different, I know. So, now you’re going to tell me that the Holy Spirit in the Bible is different than the Holy Spirit we have today? Once again, “REALLY???” Well, maybe it was, after all, look what He did for Saul/Paul, I’m sure that was a one time thing – NOT. Why is it so easy for us to accept what the likes of Saul/Paul says to us and yet we can not accept what someone we really know does? It IS the same Holy Spirit in them after all. Yeah, but they had a chance to actually listen to Jesus and knew exactly what He said.

Hmmm, you think so? First, although it’s easy to forget, Saul/Paul was NOT a disciple. He did not follow Jesus around. In fact, let’s go with the theory that they had a chance to actually listen to Jesus for a moment. Saul/Paul heard what Jesus said and decided to … KILL ANYONE WHO FOLLOWED HIM! He didn’t just want to kill Jesus, he killed Jesus’s followers. YOU – he would have killed you. Now if that isn’t a self-righteous judge then I don’t really know one.

And as far as actually listen to Jesus and knowing exactly what He said, we can do the same thing today. What? Yeah, we can do the EXACT same thing today – READ YOUR BIBLE. Isn’t that what the Bible is for? So if some self-righteous judge comes up to you, gives you a Bible verse, tells you that you are doing something contrary to the verse, gives you an example of your actions … Accept it – Acknowledge it – Change it. Now, if they are just spitting off stuff, with no verse to show you, and they can’t really say when they saw you go against that verse, then, tell them thanks, and just put it in the back of your mind just in case the same thing is brought up again by someone else. Don’t get all mad at them over it. Yeah, but, we aren’t supposed to judge others, you know, the whole stick, twig, log, tree in the eye verse.

Oh yeah, now there is a good defense. Got me there. Ah, well, really you don’t. Let me ask you something  … have you ever lead someone to Christ by pointing out that they are a sinner and they need saved? You did? Really? Awesome!! Praise God! Ok, now, I have another question … did you worry about the size of the piece of wood in your own eye first? I mean, really, you just told them they were the worst person in the world and they needed to be saved, you don’t think that is condemning? Ah, I know, that is different too right? After all, we were told by Jesus to go into all the world and preach the gospel.

So it’s ok for us to use the scriptures to save the non-Christians, but it’s not ok for a Christian to use the scriptures to ‘save’ another Christian. And if we are a Christian, we can talk to the non-Christian even though we have a huge piece of wood stuck in our eye, because after all, it HAS to be much smaller than any tree that a non-Christian has. Oh, and it’s ok for a ‘Pastor,’ ‘Reverend,’ ‘Elder,’ etc to confront people because they are Christians with smaller pieced of tree stuck in their eye than most other Christians. Yeah, right, I’m not buying that one, sorry if you are.

Oh, I know, now you are thinking, “but you know, that person doesn’t really know the REAL me anyway”. Oh, so they know the FAKE you?? hmmm I guess that IS so much better that they are judging the FAKE you instead of the REAL you now isn’t it. You got me there. How about when it’s someone close to you and they tell you something about yourself that you really don’t like. Do you run to someone who isn’t as close to find out if they think the other person might be right? Awoh, so the person closest to you is probably judging the real you so you have to run to someone else who knows the fake you to make yourself feel better? Or does the person closest to you really only know the fake you, and the other people the real you? Ok, ok, this real and fake stuff is way to confusing. Here’s the hard question, why is there two of you anyway?? You think being fake hides you from all the ‘judges’ here on earth? You seem to have forgotten that God is the ultimate judge. I mean seriously, you DO KNOW that God sees all the yous there are right? So you can’t hide anything from him, you can’t fake him out, so if you feel the need to have a fake you, what do you think you are hiding?

Alright, I know there are just some people that go around and bad mouth everyone, so you can’t really listen to everyone and anyone. But that is why God said you would know His people by their fruit. You know, even on some of the best fruit trees in the world, there can be a rotten apple, or a worm or two in the fruit. God isn’t saying to pick each and every fruit and look at it. But if the tree has a whole lot of good fruit and just a few bad apples, then maybe that tree is worth listening too, even if it seems to be sticking right out of the person’s eye that’s talking to you. After all, we just love the phrase, “Takes one to know one,” don’t we? <grin>

Ok, I’m actually going to do this in two parts. I just want you to think about everything said here. I mean seriously think about it. Think about all your excuses for not accepting what people say about you. And then check out part number 2: Who do they think they are? — if you dare.  Mwwwahahaha


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