Rose Colored Glasses?

“But these rose colored glasses,
that I’m looking through,
Show only the beauty,
cause they hide all the truth …”

Chorus of the song by John Conlee – Rose Colored Glasses

Isn’t it kind of funny how as we grow older, most of us end up needing some kind of reading glasses, or just denying that we do. Even people who have had perfect vision most of their lives rarely make it into their late 60 without needing reading glasses. When we put those glasses on, things up close are so much easier to see, of course, if we try to look through those same glasses at something far away, it is harder to see. It’s because reading glasses are basically mini-magnifying glasses.

Ever hear the saying “looking through rose colored glasses?” It basically means that a person looking at a situation through rose-colored glasses is making a conscious choice to accept or not accept certain realities. I guess if we need reading glasses but refuse to admit it, we are in essence, “looking through rose colored glasses.”

My question today is, are you wearing rose colored glasses when you take a look at yourself, close up?  When you take a look at the things you do, the way you live, the person you are, you’re Christian walk? Many of us choose to look through rose colored glasses. It’s so much more pleasant and requires a lot less work.

Some of us think we know where the rose tint came from. How about this phrase, “covered by the blood of Jesus?” Some of us think that because we are saved, we are covered for any sins we commit. All we have to do is ask for forgiveness, after all, we are only human, everyone sins, nobody’s perfect, etc.. Really? You know there are plenty of Bible verses that prove these statements as being in the wrong mindset. (2 Timothy 3:16-17, John 15:10-11, 2 Corinthians 5:15-16 and 20-21, Philippians 3:10-11, 1 Timothy 6:11)

Some of us think the changes we made when we first got saved and covered in the blood are good enough. “After all, I left everything and everyone to follow Jesus.” “I was really bad before, I’m nothing like I used to be.” Some of us say, “Well, I’ve always been a Christian, I’ve never done anything really wrong. I mean like no big sins. I’ve been a good person.” Some of us, well, we don’t even think about it, we just put the glasses on and walk on. We are good Christian people, we don’t really break any of the ten commandments, so, it’s all good.

Really? Here’s how we see our lives:

Looking through rose colored glasses

We don’t see anything. Everything looks nice and …. rosy. We think that just because we “become a Christian” we have no more work to do. But this isn’t really the truth, remember, we are looking through rose colored glasses. The truth is getting saved is just the beginning of all the work. There are plenty of things in the New Testament that Believers/Christ Followers are told NOT to do. If they are told not to do them, then it must be things that they were doing or wanted to do, right? So we as Christ Followers need to listen up to what they are telling us. There has to be at least one scripture that we need to work on, or else, we truly have become perfect, we’ve become … well … Christ. Do you really believe that of yourself?

Now, if we were to try and look at our lives on our own, we would have no idea what we were looking at. This is basically how a non-believer sees their life. It’s just life. Just a bunch of stuff going on, but nothing to really have to deal with. It might look something like this:

Our Habits Through Our Eyes

But you see, after we are saved, Christ’s blood DOES cover us. The blood gives us rose (blood covered) colored glasses, but these are not your typical rose colored glasses. Instead of blinding us, and making us think we are nice and rosy clean, these glasses open our eyes because were are given the Holy Spirit. With the blood of Christ, we are given MAGNIFIED (Holy Spirit) Rose Colored Glasses. These glasses help us see the things close up that we couldn’t see before. It’s like being given new eyes. They reveal to us those things we need to see. If we can’t seem to see them, he will send others to reveal those things to us. He will put scriptures in our path that will reveal those things to us. He will put us in places where we hear a speaker talking about things that we need to see. Here’s what we might see if we are willing to use those MAGNIFIED Rose  Colored Glasses (well, it would be a little more clearer than that, but I think you get the idea).

Through Magnified Rose Colored Glasses

My challenge to each of us is to pick up those magnified Rose Colored Glasses and see what God has to reveal to us. If we see nothing, then we need to find someone else and ask them, “What do you honestly see in my life that I need to change?” Or just admit that we ARE Christ revisited, I’m not too sure anyone wants to say that. Pray about what we are told and work on it. Don’t just know the scriptures, obey them.

Here’s a list of New Testament Sins by the instruction or consequence. Take time to prayerfully consider each and everyone. Another thing we Christians have done is deceive ourselves in what some of these sins really mean. We think, “Oh, I would never …” But if we examine the true meaning of that thing we would never do, we may find that we have a habit of doing it. Let me suggest a few for the “good person” to look at …

  • How often do you take something that isn’t yours without consent? Stealing
  • How often do you just wish someone would “get their’s?” Or think “it just isn’t fair, they …?” Envy
  • How often do you find people be offended or offensive because of something you did or said? Hateful, Hatred
  • How often do you find yourself saying something harmful about someone else. How about saying things that you are not sure are true? Abusive/Blasphemers
  • How often do you try to “read into” something someone says or does? How often do you take offense or complain about something someone did without knowing why they really did it? Backbitting/Slander
  • How often do you “snap” at people? Use a tone that is sharply disagreeable? Bitterness
  • How often do you use “Oh my God,” or in text “omg?” How often do you use words that are really worthless, just to fill in the space? Corrupt Communication, Unwholesome Talk
  • How often do you only tell half the truth or leave things out on purpose? Hypocrisy and Lying
  • How competitive are you? Does it secretly bother you when someone else wins? Jealousy, Envy
  • How often do you break the law, I mean laws of the government? Even the little ones. Do you feel bad about breaking them or are you okay with it? Maliciousness or Faithless, Covenant Breakers, Untrustworthy
  • How often do you find that you don’t do what you said you would, or break agreements you have made? Ruthless, Implacable, Unforgiving
  • How often do you forget to say thank you? Unthankful, Ungrateful
  • How often do you throw out insults? Call people names? How often do other’s find you to be rude in your words or actions? How often do you do what you want, just because you want to? Insolent, despiteful
  • How much do you worry? How often are you fearful or afraid? Fearful, Cowardly

It’s a challenge … are you going to pick up the Magnified Rose Colored Glasses?


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