This one might get really deep. If you don’t get it, it’s not your time to. If it makes no sense, it’s not supposed to. It may seem to skip around but it will all come together in the end.

The other day a thought came to me. I find it very interesting that many people from many different walks of life and many different religions see marriage as a union, two people becoming one. This seems to be a totally acceptable and comprehensible thing. It amazes me that people can call something ‘one’ that is so obviously two. I don’t think anyone would deny that there are two distinct people involved in any marriage. Even people who chose to live together can be heard saying, “We are one.” We all know what people mean when they say that too. hmmm Two distinctly different people described and accepted as being one.

How many side dishes do you take to a party if you take a potato salad? Do you count a potato salad as 5 different dishes, or do you only bring 1? Think about this for a minute. This dish has potatoes, mayonnaise, eggs, mustard, relish, onions, etc., in it. But is ONE dish. You can look at it and distinctly see most of those ingredients, they don’t disappear, they don’t really mesh into a different thing. The potatoes are still potatoes, the eggs are still eggs. hmmmm Yet if we bring potato salad to a party, it only counts as being one dish.

What about a fruit tree? You probably know where I’m going with this right? Theres wood, a whole ton of leaves (which is obvious every fall), and some type of fruit. It’s all described as a tree, ONE tree.

I’d like to take a closer look at this fruit tree for a minute. What kind of tree do you want it to be? I’m gonna pick aaaaaa Plum tree. You thought I was gonna say Apple, didn’t you? haha! Where would you start, with the tree, the fruit, the seed? Let’s start with the tree. There’s this beautiful tree growing somewhere in the world. You don’t see the tree do you? Well if you have one in your backyard you might, but generally, we don’t get to see the trees our fruit comes off of. You DO believe there was a tree right? I think most people would agree to that. As far as I know, plums still come from trees. Here’s a question for you, why do you believe there is a tree? If you can’t see it and you could probably never trace your plum back to it’s original tree, then how do you know there is a tree at all? hmmm What if I came up to you as you were eating your plum and said, “Prove to me there was a tree.” Could you?

Ok, so you have this plum that came from this tree that you can’t really prove to me ever existed, but you do have a plum to show me, if you haven’t already eaten it. Now the question could become, “How do I know that plum came from a tree?” “How do I know that is a REAL plum?” Maybe it’s an oversized grape! Could you prove to me that it is a plum? How? I bet you would tell me to taste it, wouldn’t you? And I bet if I tasted it, I would have to admit it is really a plum. Guess that would prove it. But what if you ate it already, could you prove to me there was a plum?

Ahhh, yeah, you would have the seed wouldn’t you? Most people would be able to tell it was a plum seed I guess, but I think they would look a lot like some other fruit seeds I can think of. If you could show me the seed I would have no doubt that there was some kind of fruit wrapped around the seed, you wouldn’t have to prove that to me. Maybe you would be lucky enough to have witnesses that saw the plum. But they are all gone now, so, how would you prove to me that it was a plum and not a peach or a nectarine? I mean, I’m not a fruit expert or anything. So how would you prove it? I know! You could put the seed into the ground and we would have to wait to see what kind of fruit the tree that grew there produced. That would be the only way for me to know for sure that it was a plum seed. (By the way, there’s a whole other thing I could go into here about how there is preparation the seed has to go through before it can just be thrown into the ground, but we’ll just leave it at that.)

I still come back to my original question though, can you prove to me there was a plum tree somewhere that produced the original plum that you ate, and the seed that we planted? I mean, maybe the plum just poofed into existence from some antimatter coming together or something?? Or maybe a spec of dirt? hmmm

Soooooo, oneness – what does all this have to do with oneness?

We accept married people as being one, we accept potato salad as being one dish, and we accept the tree, fruit, and seed as coming from one tree. Why do we find it so hard to grasp the oneness of God (Father), Jesus (Son), and the Holy Spirit?

Back to that tree. You see, I think they are exactly like the tree. The Bible says in Romans 1:20:

20For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:

The tree, that’s God. You can’t prove it ever existed, you can’t prove that it didn’t. All you have is this plum sitting in your hand and you know it came from somewhere.

The plum, that’s Jesus. You can prove Jesus. He’s gone now, but there were plenty of people who are also gone that  saw him and wrote about him, some even died because of knowing him. But let me tell you this, if you have ever tasted Jesus, you know that he existed. You know what, the best part is that he left a part of himself around just to prove his existence. It’s the seed.

The seed, that’s the Holy Spirit. The only way to show the spirit is by producing a new tree for everyone to see. You plant that seed deep inside of you and you cultivate the things you learn from the Bible. You let that seed become who you are and people around you will one day see fruit that proves exactly what tree you came from.

You see, oneness really isn’t so hard to understand. And the existence of God really isn’t that hard to prove.


3 thoughts on “Oneness

  1. i just absolutely love the way you allow god to talk to you threw your hand .that is telling me that you have a gift he gave you that no one else has ,so on that note ,this is what i since god saying” that he gave you a gift and you should use it to his glory “,what that means is that you should continue in doing what you are doing ,but let all the world to see. their are people out their that is not his yet ,but by the reading of your hand will bring them to him .and not only that the ones that are his bring them to a better understanding of him .and forming a closer relationship with him
    you are a true gift from god and i love you very much .

    dont let it go to your head !!! lol

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