Don’t just fight it, change it …

As I was putting up my “Happy Birthday Jesus” sign outside, some thoughts came to me.

Like, why do Christians seem to rally together and get all upset over some things and not others. For example, the big thing right now is to fight for the right to say ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘Christmas tree’. There is a lot of publicity about it, there is a lot of noise being made about it, everywhere. Which, I can somewhat get on board with the reasoning of it. But my question is, why such a big deal over this when there are other laws and ordinances being past that will effect our everyday lives? I can name a few that I’m thinking of, can you? If you can’t, then you’ve just made my point, because there are plenty happening at this very moment. Go to the American Center for Law and Justice ( to see a few. If you can, then I ask you, which has been more of a concern for you lately, that thing or the things about Christmas? If these other things come through, will it even matter if we say Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas?

Another thing, why does the Christian society fight so hard for things that they can’t even remember why they are? Why are so many fighting over taking the word Christmas away? Really, I don’t think I can find that phrase anywhere in the Bible, can you? You know what, if we look to our forefathers of our religion, we can see what we really need to do. We think it’s terrible to have to deal with Halloween, but history proves that it was not the only pagan holiday, it’s just one of the few left. In fact, many people like to point out that most of the celebrated holidays have roots in the pagan culture. Really? Yes, isn’t that interesting? Isn’t it funny how you have to really look to figure that out? I think the forefathers were on to something if they were able to change how people see the various holidays now. Take some time to really look at the origin of Christmas, you may be amazed. I’m not going in to it here, if you want to find out, you can. But here’s my point. Why are we fighting so hard for “Merry Christmas” which in reality has become commercialized anyway. I mean, seriously, when you say Merry Christmas do you really think if Christ’s birth or all the hooplah that goes with the words? Why not just change things, like the forefather’s did. Why not say, ok, you know what, we don’t want to do Christmas this way anymore, society, you can have it. Drop it and walk away from it. Let’s band together and make a new holiday (like our forefather’s did). Let’s have a Birthday Celebration for Jesus in say, June, closer to when he was really born. Think about it, we could design it anyway we want. We can make the focus Jesus and it won’t be commercialized (at least for a few years). Why fight culture, let’s change it. Let Christmas be what it has become, a day for friends and families to get together and focus on themselves, basically a pagan holiday. Think about it, everyone, even non-Christians and atheist celebrate the holiday. The time is actually spend doing many things that are totally opposite of what Jesus would want done on his birthday anyway. Let’s create a day where we go out and serve others in celebration of Jesus being born. Anyway, you get my point, I hope.

If you aren’t already aware, there are a large number of schools that have banned any mention of or notion of Christmas. You know what, I almost think that is a good thing. Those communities have the opportunity to make a change right now and society is helping them. The churches in those communities ought to band together and have everyone start where shirts that say, “Happy Birthday.” That’s it, just “Happy Birthday.” I mean EVERYONE wearing the shirts. Think about the impact it would have. Maybe people would stop and say, “Why are you wearing a Happy birthday shirt?” That sure would open a door. Or they might as, “Who’s birthday is it?” Wouldn’t you love to give the answer, “Jesus'” No one would be able to accuse you of pushing religion on them. Can you image if the schools try to ban the phrase, “Happy Birthday?” lol The commercialized world would never let that happen.

The truth of it is, CHRIST was really taken out of Christmas a long time ago. If we really want to get honest with ourselves, it has happened even in Christian homes. Sure, we remember it’s Christ’s birthday, but that really isn’t the focus of the season, now is it? No, the cold hard truth is, the focus is really more like “Happy Holidays.”

But, I’m just one, unknown person who has no idea what to do from here. So, I guess the fight will go on over saying Merry Christmas and the focus of Christmas will remain self-centered and commercialized.

Oh, and maybe I should clarify I do think we should fight for the right to say Merry Christmas to a point. But we should also fight for other things that affect our every day life just as hard. Yet, I also think that Christmas has really lost it’s meaning and it will be difficult to get it back, so that’s why we should just change things. Think about the shake up Jesus brought to the customs of the day.


One thought on “Don’t just fight it, change it …

  1. I love the idea of the tee-shirts. Really love it! I don’t think we should change the date of Christmas though, as long as we remember why Jesus was born. He freed mankind from sin and all we have to do is accept it.

    As Elf puts it: The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear…………..or wear it on a shirt. Anyway, I am glad Jesus came no matter what day, He came because He loves me.


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