What’s Your News Program Like?

Just had a flashing thought … Does it ever bother anyone else that news spends so much time talking about who the criminal was and what he did, showing his picture and stuff?? Or how about the way they cover the same news over and over and over again, hour after hour? Now here’s a thought … isn’t that the same thing we do when we dwell on our problems?

Since Satan’s main goal is praise or stealing praise from God, and since he is the opposite of God, wouldn’t talking about all the bad be the same as unintentionally giving praise to him? Think about it, he’s sitting there going, “Did you see that, I did that.” “HAHA! I didn’t even do that one, but they think I did, Whoo hoo score another one for me?” “Look at that one, one of my followers caused that pain which that one is dwelling on, just a few more minutes of focus from God stolen! High five me someone!”

I’m not saying that we can’t say what’s going on, or recognize the hardships that we are going through. Things like, “Man, I’m sick today.” Or “The doctor’s say this and that.” Or “I’m tired of all the problems I’m facing.” Or, “It sure is tough financially right now.” If we speak those things out, share what we are going through and what our concerns are, then we can get prayer support and agreement on them. Kind of like just giving the headline part of the news with a few details about the victims.

What about when we run the same news over and over and over again? What about when our problems become our focus?  What about when our problems get us so down, we don’t feel like doing anything? What about when our problems keep us from going to church or fellowship or reading our Bibles or worshiping? What about when we focus on the perpetrator? Or on what the perp did in detail? Does it really matter how many times someone was shot if they are dead? Does it really matter who shot them (unless it’s someone on the loose that needs to be caught and stopped) and what they look like if they are already in custody?

Most of the time, God already has our perps in custody. So the details of what they did and what they look like, don’t really matter. Most of the time he’s already working on a solution. So should we really concentrate on the perp and the details of the crime, or just how the crime is making us feel and prayer to help us through it?

hmmm What do you think?


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