Dead Man Walking …

My pastor posted a status in Facebook that said, “close to 9 out of 10 born again Christians in the U.S. have values, lifestyles, and attitudes that are indistinguishable from those of non-born again Christians.” George Barna

Wow! Amazing. There were quite a few comments on his post. Including could there really be non-born again Christians. Anyway, this is some thoughts that came to my mind.

I guess the truth of the matter is there are only dead and living. Anyone can SAY they believe in Jesus. Anyone can SAY they are a Christian. And anyone can SAY they are born again. But the truth lies in their heart – it is either beating or not. Until the pulse is taken, the truth is not known.

There is no way to know just by looking at the outer surface that has been prepared for others to see. Think about the number of religions that if you only looked at their lifestyles and their values, you would be convinced that they are “Christians.” Yet the truth is they are really dead men walking. But I think the saddest part are those that THINK they are Christians, yet they have not been BORN-again. They are still living in their dead life, they have not truly been reborn, which means their heart has never really started beating. They are dead men walking but call themselves “Christian.”

I also think that even the true Christians have hearts that skip beats every once in a while. The difference is that a true Christian has a working pacemaker installed. The pacemaker gives our heart a shock and sets it back on pace. Jesus is the physician that installs a pacemaker (Holy Spirit) in the true Christian. No Jesus, no chance of having a pacemaker. Repentance is the battery, without it, it’s like taking the pacemaker and putting it in your heart and not using it. There is also a flip side which is putting a battery in your heart without a pacemaker. When you put it all together, your heart begins to work. You accept and believe in Jesus and he puts the Holy Spirit in your heart which brings true repentance which all keeps the heart working. There is really a big lifestyle and value difference between the man laying on the table dead, and the man who has had a great physician bring him to life. There are dead man walking around, trying to look like living men, but the living men have a joy, a stamina, an energy because they are truly thankful for the Great Physician (Jesus) and the pacemaker (Holy Spirit) that keeps their heart beating. And when they find themselves with a low battery, they go back to the Great Physician immediately and have it recharged!

Check out an Old Billy Graham video on The Moral Problem.


2 thoughts on “Dead Man Walking …

  1. Very good explanation. I agree completely on how it was written…very exact.. and if a “believer” isn’t sure..this will explain it in plain English…thank you for it…

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