Scriptures on Wisdom

(Pro 1:2) To knowH3045 wisdomH2451
and instruction;H4148

to perceiveH995 the wordsH561 of understanding;H998


(Pro 1:3) To
receiveH3947 the instructionH4148 of wisdom,H7919 justice,H6664 and judgment,H4941 and equity;H4339


(Pro 1:7) The fearH3374 of the LORDH3068
is the beginningH7225 of knowledge:H1847 but

foolsH191 despiseH936 wisdomH2451
and instruction.H4148


(Pro 1:20) WisdomH2454 criethH7442

she utterethH5414 her voiceH6963 in the streets:H7339


(Pro 2:2) So that
thou inclineH7181 thine earH241

unto wisdom,H2451
and applyH5186
thine heartH3820
to understanding;H8394


(Pro 2:6) ForH3588 the LORDH3068
givethH5414 wisdom:H2451 out of
his mouthH4480 H6310 cometh knowledgeH1847

and understanding.H8394


(Pro 2:7) He layeth upH6845
sound wisdomH8454 for the righteous:H3477 he is a bucklerH4043

to them that walkH1980 uprightly.H8537


(Pro 2:10) WhenH3588 wisdomH2451

enterethH935 into thine heart,H3820
and knowledgeH1847 is pleasantH5276 unto thy soul;H5315


(Pro 3:13) HappyH835 is
the manH120 that findethH4672

and the manH120 that gettethH6329


(Pro 3:19) The LORDH3068 by wisdomH2451
hath foundedH3245 the earth;H776 by
understandingH8394 hath he
establishedH3559 the heavens.H8064


(Pro 3:21) My son,H1121 let notH408 them departH3868

from thine eyes:H4480
keepH5341 sound
wisdomH8454 and discretion:H4209


(Pro 4:5) GetH7069 wisdom,H2451 getH7069
understanding:H998 forgetH7911 it

not;H408 neitherH408 declineH5186
from the wordsH4480 H561 of my


(Pro 4:7) WisdomH2451 is
the principal thing;H7225
therefore getH7069 wisdom:H2451

and with allH3605 thy gettingH7075 getH7069


(Pro 4:11) I have
taughtH3384 thee in the wayH1870 of wisdom;H2451 I have ledH1869 thee in rightH3476 paths.H4570


(Pro 5:1) My son,H1121 attendH7181 unto my wisdom,H2451 and

bowH5186 thine
earH241 to my understanding:H8394


(Pro 7:4) SayH559 unto wisdom,H2451 ThouH859

art my sister;H269 and callH7121
understandingH998 thy kinswoman:H4129


(Pro 8:1) Doth notH3808 wisdomH2451
and understandingH8394 put forthH5414 her voice?H6963


(Pro 8:5) O ye
understandH995 wisdom:H6195 and, ye fools,H3684 be ye of an understandingH995 heart.H3820


(Pro 8:11) ForH3588 wisdomH2451
is betterH2896

than rubies;H4480 H6443 and allH3605
the things that may be desiredH2656
are notH3808 to be comparedH7737 to it.


(Pro 8:12) IH589 wisdomH2451
dwellH7931 with prudence,H6195 and find
outH4672 knowledgeH1847 of witty inventions.H4209


(Pro 8:14) CounselH6098 is
mine, and sound wisdom:H8454
IH589 am

understanding;H998 I have strength.H1369


(Pro 9:1) WisdomH2454 hath buildedH1129 her house,H1004 she hath hewn outH2672 her sevenH7651



(Pro 9:10) The fearH3374 of the LORDH3068
is the beginningH8462 of wisdom:H2451 and the knowledgeH1847 of the holyH6918

is understanding.H998


(Pro 10:13) In the
lipsH8193 of him that hath
understandingH995 wisdomH2451 is found:H4672 but a rodH7626 is

for the backH1460 of him that is
voidH2638 of understanding.H3820


(Pro 10:21) The lipsH8193 of the righteousH6662 feedH7462

but foolsH191 dieH4191 for wantH2638
of wisdom.H3820


(Pro 10:23) It is as sportH7814
to a foolH3684 to doH6213 mischief:H2154 but a manH376 of understandingH8394 hath wisdom.H2451


(Pro 10:31) The mouthH6310 of the justH6662
bringeth forthH5107

but the frowardH8419 tongueH3956 shall be cut out.H3772


(Pro 11:2) When prideH2087

then comethH935 shame:H7036 but withH854
the lowlyH6800 is wisdom.H2451


(Pro 11:12) He that
is voidH2638 of wisdomH3820 despisethH936
his neighbour:H7453

but a manH376 of understandingH8394 holdeth his


(Pro 12:8) A manH376 shall be commendedH1984 accordingH6310

to his wisdom:H7922
but he that is of a perverseH5753 heartH3820 shall beH1961


(Pro 13:10) OnlyH7535 by prideH2087
comethH5414 contention:H4683 but withH854 the well advisedH3289 is



(Pro 14:6) A scornerH3887 seekethH1245

and findeth it not:H369
but knowledgeH1847 is easyH7043
unto him that understandeth.H995


(Pro 14:8) The
wisdomH2451 of the prudentH6175 is
to understandH995 his way:H1870 but the
follyH200 of foolsH3684 is



(Pro 14:33) WisdomH2451 restethH5117
in the heartH3820 of him that hath

but that which is in the midstH7130 of foolsH3684
is made known.H3045


(Pro 15:21) FollyH200 is

joyH8057 to him that is destituteH2638 of wisdom:H3820 but a manH376 of understandingH8394 walkethH1980



(Pro 15:33) The fearH3374 of the LORDH3068
is the instructionH4148 of wisdom;H2451 and beforeH6440 honourH3519

is humility.H6038


(Pro 16:16) How muchH4100 betterH2896

is it to getH7069 wisdomH2451
than gold!H4480 H2742 and to getH7069

understandingH998 rather to be
chosenH977 than silver!H4480 H3701


(Pro 17:16) WhereforeH4100 H2088 is
a priceH4242 in
the handH3027 of a foolH3684 to getH7069

seeing he hath noH369 heartH3820
to it?


(Pro 17:24) WisdomH2451 is
beforeH854 H6440 him that hath

but the eyesH5869 of a foolH3684 are
in the endsH7097 of the earth.H776


(Pro 18:1) Through
desireH8378 a man, having separated
seekethH1245 and intermeddlethH1566

with allH3605 wisdom.H8454


(Pro 18:4) The wordsH1697 of a man’sH376

mouthH6310 are as deepH6013
and the wellspringH4726 of wisdomH2451

as a flowingH5042 brook.H5158


(Pro 19:8) He that
gettethH7069 wisdomH3820 lovethH157

his own soul:H5315
he that keepethH8104 understandingH8394 shall findH4672


(Pro 21:30) There is noH369
wisdomH2451 norH369 understandingH8394 norH369

counselH6098 againstH5048 the LORD.H3068


(Pro 23:4) LabourH3021 notH408

to be rich:H6238
ceaseH2308 fromH4480 thine own


(Pro 23:9) SpeakH1696 notH408
in the earsH241 of a fool:H3684 forH3588 he will despiseH936 the wisdomH7922

of thy words.H4405


(Pro 23:23) BuyH7069 the truth,H571 and sellH4376 it

not;H408 also wisdom,H2451
and instruction,H4148 and


(Pro 24:3) Through
wisdomH2451 is an houseH1004 builded;H1129 and by understandingH8394 it is established:H3559


(Pro 24:7) WisdomH2454 is
too highH7311 for a fool:H191 he openethH6605 notH3808

his mouthH6310 in the gate.H8179


(Pro 24:14) SoH3651 shall
the knowledgeH3045 of wisdomH2451 be

unto thy soul:H5315
whenH518 thou hast foundH4672 it,
then there shall beH3426 a reward,H319 and thy expectationH8615 shall notH3808

be cut off.H3772


(Pro 29:3) WhosoH376 lovethH157
wisdomH2451 rejoicethH8055 his father:H1 but he that keepeth

companyH7462 with harlotsH2181 spendethH6
his substance.H1952


(Pro 29:15) The rodH7626 and reproofH8433
giveH5414 wisdom:H2451 but a childH5288 leftH7971

to himself bringeth
his motherH517 to shame.H954


(Pro 30:3) I neitherH3808 learnedH3925

nor haveH3045 the knowledgeH1847 of the holy.H6918


(Pro 31:26) She
openethH6605 her mouthH6310 with wisdom;H2451 and inH5921 her tongueH3956

is the lawH8451
of kindness.H2617


(Eph 1:8) WhereinG3739 he hath aboundedG4052 towardG1519

usG2248 inG1722 allG3956
wisdomG4678 andG2532 prudence;G5428


(Eph 1:17) ThatG2443 theG3588
GodG2316 of ourG2257 LordG2962

JesusG2424 Christ,G5547 theG3588
FatherG3962 of glory,G1391 may giveG1325

unto youG5213 the spiritG4151 of wisdomG4678
andG2532 revelationG602 inG1722

the knowledgeG1922 of him:G848


(Eph 3:10) To the
intent thatG2443 nowG3568 unto theG3588

principalitiesG746 andG2532 powersG1849
inG1722 heavenlyG2032 places

might be knownG1107 byG1223 theG3588
churchG1577 theG3588 manifoldG4182

wisdomG4678 of God,G2316






From H995; understanding:
knowledge, meaning, X perfectly, understanding, wisdom.






From H2449; wisdom
(in a good sense): – skillful, wisdom, wisely, wit.



חכמות חכמות

chokmôth chakmôth

khok-moth‘, khak-moth’

Collateral forms of H2451;
wisdom: – wisdom, every wise [woman].






A form of H3824;
the heart; also used (figuratively) very widely for the feelings, the
will and even the intellect; likewise for the centre of anything: – + care for, comfortably, consent, X
considered, courag [-eous],
friend [-ly], ([broken-], [hard-], [merry-],
[stiff-], [stout-], double) heart ([-ed]), X heed, X I, kindly, midst, mind
(-ed), X regard ([-ed)], X themselves, X unawares, understanding, X well,
willingly, wisdom.






Feminine of H6193;

trickery; or (in a good sense) discretion: – guile, prudence, subtilty, wilily, wisdom.






A primitive root; to be (causeatively
make or act) circumspect and hence intelligent: – consider,
expert, instruct, prosper, (deal) prudent (-ly),
(give) skill (-ful), have good success, teach, (have,
make to) understand (-ing), wisdom, (be, behave self,
consider, make) wise (-ly), guide wittingly.



שׂכל שׂכל

ekel śêkel

seh‘-kel, say’-kel

From H7919; intelligence;
by implication success: – discretion, knowledge, policy, prudence,
sense, understanding, wisdom, wise.




tûshîyâh tûshîyâh

too-shee-yaw‘, too-shee-yaw’

From an unused root probably meaning to substantiate;
support or (by implication) ability, that is, (direct) help,
(in purpose) an undertaking, (intellectual) understanding: – enterprise,
that which (thing as it) is, substance, (sound) wisdom, working.






From G4680; wisdom (higher or lower, worldly
or spiritual): – wisdom.


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