Christian Goals Checklist

Christian Goals Checklist:

  • notice the log in his own eye
  • admonishes a brother by going, and show him his fault between themselves and the brother, then takes along with themselves yet one or two more, then tells it to the church
  • forgive others
  • rebukes those who sin against him, and if they repents he forgive them
  • If a person sins against him seven times in the day, and returns seven times in the day, saying, ‘I repent,’ they will forgive the person.”
  • Is a person who is swift to hear,
  • Is a person who is slow to speak,
  • Is a person who is slow to anger,
  • Has faith and does works
  • comes forth with praise
  • is long-suffering
  • has patience
  • their “Yes” is “Yes” and their “No” is “No,”
  • will try to turned back a sinner from the error of his way
  • is loving to one another
  • tries to live at peace
  • tries to warn the disorderly [or, lazy] [ones];
  • encourages the discouraged [ones
  • supports the sick
  • continues being patient toward all
  • doesn’t repays evil for evil
  • always pursuing the good
  • rejoicing always
  • constantly praying
  • always giving thanks
  • holds fast [to] the good.
  • abstains from every form of evil
  • does not walk about [fig., conducting themselves] in idleness [laziness]
  • works with quietness [not bragging]
  • does not become discouraged [in] [or, weary [of]] doing what is good
  • if anyone does not obey the word in this letter, takes note of this and stops associating with him, does not consider [him] as an enemy, _but_ be admonishing
  • loves by serving as slaves to one another
  • loves his neighbor as himself.”
  • walks about [fig., conducting himself] in [or, by] the Spirit,
  • bears the burdens of one another
  • examines his own work [issues]
  • bears his own load
  • is warmly devoted to one another – giving preference to one another in honor
  • serves as a slave
  • rejoices in hope
  • endures in affliction
  • preserves in prayer
  • contributing to the needs of the other Christians, pursuing hospitality
  • does not judge other Christians
  • does not distress other Christians
  • pursues the [things] of peace
  • does not associate with anyone being named a Christian but is a sexual sinner or covetous or an idolater or a slanderer, or a drunkard or a swindler
  • strives for perfection
  • lives at peace
  • continues being filled with [the] Spirit
  • speaks in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs,
  • gives thanks always for all
  • is subject [or, being submissive] to one another
  • has compassion,
  • has kindness,
  • has humility,
  • has gentleness [or, considerateness],
  • has patience,
  • puts up with others
  • forgives others
  • lets the peace of God be exercising control in his heart
  • whatever he does in word or in deed, [be doing] all [things] in [the] name of [the] Lord Jesus
  • mediates on the things that are true,
  • mediates on the things that are worthy of respect [
  • mediates on the things that are righteous
  • mediates on the things that are pure
  • mediates on the things that are acceptable
  • mediates on the things that are commendable
  • mediates on the things that have virtue
  • mediates on the things that are deserving to be praised
  • Does not sharply rebuke a man, _but_ is appealing [to him] as a father, or brother
  • Does not sharply rebuke a women but appeals to them as mothers, and sisters, with all purity
  • serves as slaves
  • loves [fig., affection for fellow-believers], love one another earnestly from a pure heart
  • keeps his tongue from evil
  • does not speak deceit [or, treachery].
  • does good
  • seeks peace and pursue it.
  • keeps God’s commandments.
  • keeps God’s word
  • tries to walk in the same manner as Christ
  • is not a stumbling-block to other Christians
  • does not get enraged
  • does not call other Christians ‘Empty-headed fool!’
  • does not says to other Christians ‘You worthless fool!’
  • is not committing adultery
  • is not a Hypocrite
  • does not refuse to listen
  • is not a stumbling blocks
  • does not curse
  • does not speak evil of [or, slandering] others
  • does not complain with groans against others
  • does not take oaths
  • not to do wrong and take advantage of others
  • does not extinguishing [fig., stifling] the Spirit
  • does not despising [or, rejecting] prophecies
  • does not lag in diligence
  • does not deceive the hearts of the innocent [or, unsuspecting
  • refrains from sexual sin,
  • refrains from impurity [or, immorality],
  • refrains from lustful passion,
  • refrains from evil desire,
  • refrains from the covetous desire [or, greed], which is idolatry
  • does not have anger,
  • does not have rage,
  • does not have malice,
  • does not have blasphemy,
  • does not have obscene language out of mouth.
  • Does not lie
  • Does not return evil for evil nor insult for insult
  • does the will of the Father, the [One] in the heavens,

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