Chores, Rewards, Consequences Agreements

This is a chores and rewards – consequences agreement we had with the kids that lived in our household. Did away with a lot of hassles. LOL A few times they were able to call us back into check as well. Be sure you are willing to be held just as responsible for your end.

Chores – Rewards – Consequences

ALL tags must be completed before you will be allowed to do any extra-curricular activities. This includes using your computer for something other than school work and watching any TV.

Some tags will be worth money. Payment for tags will be made on a bi-weekly basis. If you complete every tag completely, you will receive $_____ per week or $_____ per year. You are responsible for reporting when you have completed a tag. Each of the following tags is worth .____/weekday:

  • School work – All school work assigned must be completed that day. Any scores under ____% will deduct _____ from this tag. See your card for additional expectations in this area, each expectation not met will deduct _____ from this tag.
  • School calendar –Students must keep a calendar of assignments due daily and check them off when completed. Random checks of this calendar will be made. Each assignment missed will deduct ____ from this tag.
  • Bedroom – Each room has a card listing what is to be expected. Each expectation not met will deduct ___ from this tag.
  • Desk – Desks should be kept clear of items not related to school work or completing of school work. A surface area for writing should be kept clear. A drink or snack may be placed on the desk, away from computer equipment. If you are unsure of what can be placed on your desk, check with a parent. Each item that is unapproved will deduct ___ from this tag.
  • Pet – Refer to your card indicating expectations in this area. Each expectation not met will deduct ____ from this tag.
  • Trash – ALL trash cans AND trash lying around must be taken to the curb. Each person must take at least one can out. In the real work world, you will have to do things that are not your responsibility and you will not receive extra compensation for it. Most times, you will also have to complete these things quietly with no complaints. Do not complain to the Parents unless there are two of you bringing the complaint. Do not bully others either, this does not go over well in the work world. You can leave the trash can that someone forgot to take out; however, any other trash left behind will deduct ____ per item from this tag.
  • Trash – Bring your can back in before ____ pm.
  • Laundry – Have your laundry by the washing machine by ____ on your laundry day (yes you can put it there the night before). Each hour after that will deduct _____ from your tag. If you miss your laundry day, see me to make other arrangements. Do not hold your laundry to the next week, this just complicates things. See the card in your room to see what is expected to be included in your laundry.
  • Laundry Put Away – Laundry should be put away by _______ the next day.
  • Zone – You are expected to complete the expectations listed on the card everyday, even on weekends. Each expectation not met will deduct _____ from this tag.

Random checks for compliance with the tags will be made daily. You will be responsible for purchasing your own clothing and shoes out of this money. There may also be events that you will be responsible for paying at least a portion of the cost from this money. We strongly encourage you to tithe on this money. We also strongly encourage you to save some of this money. Experts recommend that you tithe 10% and give yourself 10% before you do anything else with your money. This will also be your ‘spending’ money. You should develop a budget to make sure that you have enough left over to do everything you need to do with it.

You will have 10 vacation days per year, anything over that will need to be discussed with the Parents. This would not include any visitation time that you spend with other parents. However, if you are here for part of the day you are expected to complete your work for that day.

So, you now have a responsibility. It is not our responsibility to remind you to do these things. You can not blame anyone else for not fulfilling YOUR responsibility. You are well aware of the consequences – ALL tags completed or no extra-curricular activities; No payment for tags not completed and deductions for expectations not met. If you have any questions, ask, otherwise there are no acceptable excuses for any tag or expectation not met.

I understand my responsibilities:



I understand my responsibilities:

____________________________           _________________________



3 thoughts on “Chores, Rewards, Consequences Agreements

  1. Cold you please explain the “tag” system? Also how many points/money were rewarded and taken away. A list of the chores on the tags would really be helpful.

    1. Sure! I bought those little tags that people use for Garage Sales. They are kinda square with string to hang them from something. I cut off all the strings and used paper clips instead, that way they hung on the hooks better. On each tag I put whatever I wanted the child to make sure and do each day. My tags had all the things listed on the agreement such as: School Work, Bedroom, Desk, Pet, etc. One tag had the name of the zone such as, Kitchen, Dining Room, Bathroom, etc. That way they could switch tags when it came time to switch zones. They had two pegs and when they completed the tasks for a tag, they moved it to the other hook. When all the tags were moved to the other hook, they knew they were done. Some tags only happened once a week, and I would put the day of the week on it such as, Thursday Laundry or Sunday Trash Out. So if it wasn’t that day, they would just move the tag over.

      The points/money would be up to you. I decided what I wanted to give the kids each week for an allowance and divided it by the number of tags I wanted to count toward that allowance. So if you want to give them 5 dollars a week and they had 5 chores over 5 days, it would cost them .20 cents when that tag didn’t get done. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but depending on the age, it could be. Especially if they don’t do the chore for the entire 5 days, it cost them a dollar. If we had a really busy week and they didn’t get everything done, I didn’t deduct. I figured if I didn’t have time to get everything I needed to do done, then neither would they. And honestly, if they missed one or two tags here or there, I didn’t deducted. I didn’t necessarily “reward,” I more or less just deducted. Basically they started out with $5.00 and it was up to them how much they ended up getting. I tried not to micro manage the allowance. It was more of a leverage I used when I needed to. Kind of like the real world, you can be late to work or with a project once or twice with no real consequences. When it starts to become a habit, the consequences start kicking in.

      I just put a one or two word description on each of the tags. Basically what is listed on the Chores and Rewards page here. We went over all the expectations when we signed the agreement. For each zone, I had an index card that listed out everything I wanted done so they couldn’t say they forgot, or didn’t know what to do. Since the zone switched every 2 weeks (based on the pay period), it might be hard to remember what to do in each zone.

      The Kitchen card might have the following on the index card:
      – Unload dishwasher
      – Take out trash
      – Wednesday sweep the floor
      – Wipe off all horizontal surfaces
      – Neaten up the door area (we have a ton of shoes there so it basically meant to neaten up the shoes and make it look nice)

      Livingroom might have:
      – Clean all horizontal surfaces
      – Dust
      – Wednesday sweep the floor
      – Take out the trash
      – Neaten up the door area
      – Neaten up the couches and throw blankets

      Dining Room might have:
      – Help set and clear table for dinner
      – Wednesday sweep the floor
      – Help put away groceries
      – Wipe off the table

      Bathroom might have:
      – Clean the toilet, sink, and tub
      – Make sure there is toilet paper available
      – Neaten up the towels
      – Clean off sink area
      – Wednesday sweep floor
      – Empty trash

      There was also a card for their bedrooms, it might have:
      – Empty trash
      – Sweep floor on _____ (varied by kid so they all didn’t need the sweeper at the sametime)
      – Put away clothes
      – Neaten up dresser area
      – Dust all surfaces

      Basically whatever you want done and you think they can do. It varies by age, but I think all ages can get this system. For the younger ones, or even older ones that didn’t seem to get what I wanted (or pretended not to, lol), I took a picture of the room or their desk looking the way I wanted it. If it didn’t look like I wanted, I would remind them of the picture. Even little ones can spot the differences from the picture and their room. 😀 Also for little ones that can’t read, I would take a picture instead of writing out the chore. For example I would take a picture of the pet, so they would know they had to take care of it. Or a picture of the trash can and write the day on it so they would know they had to take out the trash. Or a picture of the zone, etc.

      I hope this helps. Let me know if you want even more detail. Thanks for the response!

  2. I like this idea, I love the no nonsense method, plus its so realistic to a real world environment, accountability is necessary. So best to start young when habits are still being formed. Thanks for sharing.

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