Wild Goose Chase – Chapter 3

Mr. Batterson talks about when God came to Moses in the form of a burning bush.

“God showed up. And an ordinary place – a bush on the backside of the desert – became holy ground. That seems to be the way the Holy spirit works, doesn’t it? He is predictably unpredictable. He loves to show up in wild places at wild times.” … “I think this is one of those stories in which the obvious can elude us. The holy ground wasn’t the Promised Land. It was right where Moses was standing. Don’t wait to worship God till you get to the Promised Land; you’ve got to worship along the way. This is holy ground. This is a holy moment. Take off your sandals.”

What a thought. It does seem as though we are all living for the Promised Land and missing the Holy ground that we are on right now. That could a whole new perspective on everyday life. Sitting right here, right now, with God present, I am sitting on Holy ground. hmmmm


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