The Love Theory

This was written by my son, who at the time, was 14 years old.

The Love Theory

written by Ryan

Finishing Einstein’s Theory of Everything/ Demolishing the Evolution Theory by Charles Darwin and the Big Bang Theory/ also supporting evidence of the Creation Theory written by Moses in Genesis

If we could understand love we could control it, but since God is love it can neither be controlled or understood, since God is love it cannot be contained for He is of infinite power, so it must be everywhere and timeless as is God, for infinity cannot be captured by time or the universe would implode on itself from it’s source being contained, like a battery being overheated because of overuse, or a lighter under sudden great pressure, these are some examples of power being forced into captivity, in effect showing what would happen if you could control God, even Jesus, who was the Son of God, or the incarnation of God, could not control God’s will or power and couldn’t access His complete knowledge as He was in human form, or of flesh not of spirit or infinity, but somehow was still in fact deity in a way not comprehensible to man for man was not meant to understand.

In conclusion, love is everything and is literally what makes the worlds (and the rest of the universe) go ’round. It is infinity, unstoppable, the greatest factor, the best, the highest of all, the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End; it is in fact the great I AM!!!

If you don’t believe this theory, here are some pieces of evidence this is true. If there is love, which is infinity, which is positive and cannot be negative, can only create; it would only lead to the creation of the universe!

In a mathematic equation would be Love=Positive Infinity=Creation.

However, if love did not exist, no infinity or negative infinity which can only lead to nothingness and cannot create because if you have 0 you cannot have 1, like anyone can understand, likewise if you have negative 1 it does not create 1, if you add to it it would, so you would need to add 3 to it, 1.Love 2.Infinity or deity 3. Some substance, spiritual or physical to create a universe, in theory of course… This I can’t completely prove…; But I can prove that without Love, you could not reproduce and whatever you create would be destroyed after death of the first and only generation, therefore, in order for you to exist, you would need to have love (God), deity or infinity (God), and some matter of physical or spiritual to multiply or use/mold for creation or the knowledge to create without matter (God)…;. Therefore this Theory supports the Creation Theory, disproves the Big Bang Theory and Evolution Theory, and here is my answer to Einstein’s incomplete Theory of Everything….

Love=everything to the Infinite power=Deity or God (some sort of supreme power, but personally I’m a Christian so you can replace God and Jesus with your own deity, but it will be wrong…

Copyright © 2006 Marcie Lynn. All rights reserved.

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