Kingdom Principles – Introduction

Now that I have finished Crazy Love by Francis Chan, I have started two other books. I am not forgetting all that I learned in Crazy Love and I am working on several things that were brought to light. I feel like I am building on what I learned by reading these two other books. I’ll introduce the other book to in another post.

Kingdom Principles is by Myles Munroe. I have to say, I have read his Preface and am no in his Introduction and he has raised many questions and peeked my interest well!

I very much agree with his statement that “the greatest threat to civil society is mankind.” I do not think the animal kingdom has as many problems as we do. There is very little senseless murders, they do not steal just for the fun of it, they do not do drugs or alcohol and then accidental mane or kill each other.

Another statement he makes is that “how ironic it is that religion, the very thing that by its nature is supposed to provide the solution to mankind’s problems and provide hope and faith for life, has itself created more problems throughout history than it has solved.” Oh so true.  He also says that “all religions are the same in the sense that they attempt to answer the questions of power and meaning. They all promise power to control life and circumstances and to explain life and death. They all claim to have the truth.” He lists other things that all religions have in common. Is it not funny that religion has created more division than it has healed? Every church, every sect, every mosque, every building that holds “religious” people has division and strife within its very walls.

Honestly, as I read what was written on page 15, I could not help but thing, “No way.” Especially when I read the statement that Genesis 1:26 and the use of the word ‘dominion’ “declares the motivation, nature, purpose, and mandate behind mankind’s creation.” I have always thought and heard that our purpose was to love God and bring glory to Him. But as I read further, this makes a lot of sense. Pastor Monroe goes on to say that “dominion sets the framework for all the desires, passions, and activities of mankind and is the key to his fulfillment and personal and corporate peace. It is also the foundation and source of his need to control and rule his environment and circumstances.” Put in that context, it makes sense. God designed us to have rulership over the earth, with that rulership, we would love God and bring glory to Him.

Through the fall, man lost his kingdom mandate. He lost his divine power. Pastor Monroe is right, “religion can not substitute for the kingdom or fill the vacuum in man’s soul.”

“… those who claim to represent Him [Jesus the Christ] the most – Christians – who have in fact misunderstood and, therefore, misrepresented Him the most.” Sadly this statement is true. It is funny, as Pastor Monroe lists several religions, that very few deny Jesus as someone real. Most accept him as a person, even recognize him as a great prophet or at least as a historical figure.

Pastor Monroe ends the introduction with, “In this book you will learn what a kingdom is, what it consists of, how it functions, and all the components that make a kingdom unique. You will also discover the difference between a kingdom and a religion, and how it compares with all other forms of government. You will be instructed in principles of Kingdom concepts, how they relate to your daily life and how you can appropriate Kingdom citizenship here and now. This book will help you appreciate that you cannot appropriate what you don’t understand nor experience what you postpone. This is your practical guide to understanding the most important message mankind has ever received; a message the whole world desperately needs to hear. This book will equip you not only to receive that message but also to share it effectively with others.”

I can see this is going to be a book that makes me think and re-think.

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