Crazy Love – Chapter 8 (con’t)

“If one person “wastes” away his day by spending hours connecting with God, and the other person believes he is too busy or has better things to do than worship the Creator and Sustainer, who is the crazy one?”

That is such a great question posed by the author. Wow. I used to have more time to spend with God when I was a single mom. The kids were off to school everyday. I worked 2.5 days a week and that was at a church. Life seemed a whole lot less complicated too. Now it seems like there are so many demands from the outside, outside of God that is. I have to honestly say I miss that simpler life. I miss my whole world centering around God and my church. Half of my day is spent teaching, part of it cleaning and doing laundry, and then it’s time for dinner. Then there’s cleaning up after dinner and all the rest of the demands that need to be met.

I probably waste away 2 hours each day on facebook and watching a tv show I like. But even when I do that, I’m interrupted several times. It doesn’t seem like there is an easy way to get a good chunk of time to spend with God. I can not even read this book every day. How do we simplify life in an acceptable way? We can not all just become monnks. We can not let dirty dishes and laundry pile up. We can not disconnect from our children and our spouses. So how do we do it? I would love to be able to have family Bible times, but it is so hard to get others to co-operate with that. And quite honesty, if I could find that kind of time, I would rather spend it with just God and me.

Truth is, I probably waste away that time doing something I do not need to. I probably have the time to do everything that is required of me and spend time with God. It requires discipline on my part. It requires change on my part.

Another good point in this chapter is about our joy. The author says, “We tend to think of joy as something that ebbs and flows depending on life’s circumstances. But we don’t just lose joy, as though one day we have it and the next it’s gone, oh darn. Joy is something that we have to choose and then work for. Like the ability to run for an hour, it doesn’t come automatically. It needs cultivation.

When life gets painful or doesn’t go as we hoped, it’s okay if a little of our joy seeps away. The Bible teaches that true joy is formed in the midst of the difficult seasons of life.”

There seems to be so much depression anymore. I wonder what would happen if more people realized that they had to work for joy, it does not just come from no where?

This chapter had so much information in it and so much to really think about. It also has many examples of ways that life should be different. Now the hard part is applying it all.


Just came across this and thought it went with this very well. I challenge you as you watch this to mark down all the things that you are currently doing when it comes up. Then I challenge you to start taking those things off your to-do list permanetly. Can you do it? I am.


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